A pregnant housewife, her husband, and their 4-year-old son became the latest victims of a home invasion by 12 heavily armed gunmen who attacked their number 69 Village home on Saturday last.

Ironically, neigbours said that the invasion lasted for more than two hours, which had given the gunmen enough time to take their loot and leave carelessly before the police actually came.

Many persons in the community stressed that even though they had called at least three police stations during the home invasion, they did not receive a single response from any of them.

Recollecting what had transpired, the villagers told the Guyana Guardian that they became aware that something was amiss after several dogs in the area began to bark hysterically sometime after 10pm on Saturday.

Upon investigating, they noticed several masked men who were dressed in black and carrying high powered rifles approaching the home of the victims, whose names have been given as Satchin Ramrattan called Kenny 27, and his 23-year-old wife Vidya Gopaul called Polly.

Three of the armed men then entered the yard to survey the home, but Ramrattan and his wife were already alerted to the bandit’s presence.

Opting to outwit the invading criminals, the man’s heavily pregnant wife (who is due to have a baby in two weeks), jumped from the upper floor of the property, while the husband also jumped with their four-year-old son.

Unknown to the bandits, the family crawled their way to the back of the property and then made their way to some relatives a few houses away.

However, after they had fled, the bandits managed to force their way into the family’s home and spend almost two hours ransacking the premises before leaving with close to two million dollars in cash and jewelry.

The police were unable to offer any explanation as to why no police were reachable at any of the three police stations during the home invasion and robbery.

However, a senior official told this publication that five suspects were subsequently arrested, including a 33-year-old driver from number 72 village, in whose possession they had allegedly found a small quantity of cannabis.

They added that a subsequent search of the man’s home unearthed an unlicensed shotgun, with two spent shells and one live cartridge.

This is the second major home invasion by heavily armed bandits in the Corentyne area in less than a month.

A few weeks ago, six heavily armed gunmen invaded a business place in the same district and shot the owner, while he was fleeing from the home with his wife.

No one has been charged in connection with that incident.