An advertisement in the local press (for over two years now) that had offered up house lots to the public for a simple $17,000 (seventeen thousand Guyana Dollars or US$75) membership fee has since attracted a large number of persons from almost every corner of Guyana, who quickly paid up the money to an agency as they did not want to lose out on the Santa-Claus deal.

But after waiting for several months and not receiving any land, several persons are now wondering whether they had bought into a deal that was too-good-to-be-true, or whether they would eventually receive the land which is about 8 times cheaper than the price that is being offered for the cheapest government house lot.

The $17,000 house lots which are being sold by an entity called Job Fair Worldwide, and is headquartered at Bagotstown on the East Bank of Demerara is owned by Anthony Snow.

Snow who was jailed in Guyana in 2014, and released in early 2016, after being convicted for an assault against a businessman, has been brought under the radar since many of the people who had paid their monies to him for the $17,000 house lot are now saying that they want their money back.

At least two of the affected persons had told the Guyana Guardian that they no longer believe Snow owned the large piece of real estate at Land of Canaan, which he had sold to them.

They alleged that Snow had shown them the land and collect their monies, while assuring them that they can start building. But whenever they move to bring in materials, Snow will give them an excuse to hold off on the construction.

Snow, who had told the public that he is looking to build some 500 houses free of cost for the persons who had paid the $17,000, had also promised to develop over 10 miles of roadway and approximately 10 miles of drainage to accommodate the 500 house lots in that area and elsewhere in Guyana. But his detractors are saying that the project is a pipe dream since Snow allegedly cannot afford the cost to build a house on the land for himself, much less to construct one for someone else.

An official from the Housing Ministry is also saying that they never give any land to snow to build houses, hence she does not know whose land the man is selling.

While there is very little that is known about Mr Snow in Guyana, a check by this publication revealed that Snow uses many aliases, but his real name was said to be Anthony Sean Correia.

He was previously arrested in the United States for Fraud and was also arrested in 2002 for the murder of a Washington woman. He was later deported to Guyana where he had made a failed bid to run for President, and had later sought to form a coalition with the APNU, but was turned down.