The Paul-Slowe chaired Police Service Commission (PSC) has approved the 2019 promotion of over two hundred policemen and women to various ranks within the Guyana Police Force.

Heading the list are Senior Superintendents of police Edgar Thomas, Royston Andries-Junor, and Paul Langevine who have been now promoted to Assistant Commissioners of Police.

The List of those promoted are as follows; –


Senior Superintendent Edgar Thomas
Senior Superintendent Royston Andries-Junor
Senior Superintendent Paul Langevine


Superintendent Phillip Azore
Superintendent Brian Eastman
Superintendent Adrin Simon
Superintendent Linden Lord
Superintendent Khalili Pareshram
Superintendent Michael Sutton
Superintendent Linden Isles
Superintendent Michael Kingston
Woman Superintendent Charmaine Jones-Stuart


Deputy Superintendent Gary Mc Allister
Woman Deputy Superintendent Lorraine Saul
Woman Deputy Superintendent Grace Davis
Woman Deputy Superintendent Denise Griffith
Deputy Superintendent Guy Nurse.
Woman Deputy Superintendent Carole Harding
Deputy Superintendent Roger Martin
Deputy Superintendent ”Hugh Winter
Deputy Superintendent Raphael Rose
Woman Deputy Superintendent Allison Moore
Deputy Superintendent Dennis Stephens
Deputy Superintendent John Barker
Woman Assistant Superintendent Audrey Small
Woman Assistant Superintendent Crystal Robinson
Assistant Superintendent Keithon King
Woman Assistant Superintendent Marcelene Washington
Assistant Superintendent Jermaine Johnson
Assistant Superintendent Allistair Roberts
Assistant Superintendent Ralph Parks
Woman Assistant Superintendent Yonnett Stephen
Woman Assistant Superintendent Dorette Gibbons


Assistant Superintendent Cecil Lutchman
Assistant Superintendent Deo Ruplal
Assistant Superintendent Jevon Hamer
Assistant Superintendent Dexter Brown
Assistant Superintendent Anthony Austin
Woman Assistant Superintendent Leslyn Halley-Smith
Woman Assistant Superintendent Jewel Sullivan
Assistant Superintendent Amit Das
Woman Assistant Superintendent Fredella Boyce
Assistant Superintendent Sherwin Hilken
Assistant Superintendent Mark Vigilance
Assistant Superintendent Joseph Jack
Assistant Superintendent Timothy Williams
Assistant Superintendent Neville Cadogan
Assistant Superintendent Clifton Davis
Assistant Superintendent Vishnu Hunte


Cadet Officer Devon Gordon
Woman Chief Inspector Jacqueline-Thomas
Woman Chief Inspector Adonna Beresford
Chief Inspector Reynold Venture
Woman Inspector Beverly Wilson i
Inspector Troy Whittaker i
Woman Inspector Michelle Davis
Inspector Graham Thomas
Inspector Ronford Liverpool
Inspector Kevin London
Inspector Dennis Lyking
Woman Inspector Holliann Hooper 7
Woman Inspector Corine Marshall
Inspector Alwin Hoyte
Woman Inspector Nichola Kendall
Woman Inspector Shellon Daniels
Woman Inspector Donna Ferguson
Inspector Orin Cameron
Inspector Kurt Smith
Woman Inspector Palesa Peters-Fernandes
Woman Inspector Shevon Jupiter
Inspector Syndilin Isaacs
Inspector Michael Cort
Woman Inspector Allison Harte
Inspector Sherlock Houston
Inspector Nolan Burnette


Inspector Esmond Vaughn
Sergeant 18574 Marlon Kellman
Sergeant 19970 Dellon Fraser
Sergeant 22574 Ray Marcurius
Sergeant 18547 Rawle Nedd
Woman Sergeant 17915 Michelle Major


Corporal 22577 Stephen Harris 1


Woman Inspector Diana Black
Inspector Matthew Joseph
Inspector Andre Grant
Woman Inspector Tessa Smith
Inspector Garfield Anthony
Inspector Michael Newland
Inspector Sasenarine Ramkissoon
Inspector Lindon Mickle
Woman Inspector Phiona Harris 1
Woman Inspector Nicola Nurse
Woman Inspector Dionne Pollard
Inspector Bernard Browne
Inspector Clay Rose
Woman Inspector Donette Schwiers
Woman Inspector Mary Mitchell


Sergeant 15124 Michael Smith
Woman Sergeant 14934 Roseanne Forde
Woman Sergeant 14575 Vanessa Leitch
Woman Sergeant 15052 Lana Durga
Sergeant 16833 Presley Holder
Woman Sergeant 17730 Racquel Pestano-Belle
Woman Sergeant 17117 Morlin Henry
Woman Sergeant 15652 Sharon Ferguson
Woman Sergeant 18240 Shelly Cole-Douglas
Woman Sergeant 16948 Stacy Noble
Sergeant 18031 Nyrhon Hassan
Woman Sergeant 17856 Roxanne Whaul
Sergeant 12506 Mervin Mentore
Woman Sergeant 17364 Fiona Federicks
Woman Sergeant 18711 Paola Da Silva
Woman Sergeant 13883 Marcia Lewis
Woman Sergeant 18720 Soni Griffith-Warde
Woman Sergeant 15184 Abigail Ali
Woman Sergeant 15300 Shondelle Scott
Woman Sergeant 17025 Lilian Scotland
Woman Sergeant 17708 Janice Williams
Woman Sergeant 16918 Do’nnette Warde
Sergeant 16923 Leyton Moses.
Sergeant 17885 Marlon O’Donoghue
Woman Sergeant 16148 Stacy Alleyne
Woman Sergeant 16439 Jennifer Small
Woman Sergeant 19991 Latoya Reynolds
Woman Sergeant 14917 Gillian Simmons 2
Sergeant 14948 Mark Garnett’
Sergeant 18180 Curtis Cort
Sergeant 18115 Lingard Walcott
Sergeant 19499 Gavin Boyce
Woman Sergeant 19980 Metchelle Calder
Sergeant 17656 Salaish Roopnarine
Sergeant 18168 Richard Ramotar
Woman Sergeant 20105 Pearl Jacobs
Woman Sergeant 16282 Paula Arthur r
Sergeant 19863 Jhared Koulen
Woman Sergeant 15070 Andrea Murray
Woman Sergeant 16247 Donnette Phoenix
Sergeant 18680 Mark Smith
Sergeant 18974 Moohet Ramrattan
Sergeant 19137 Sherwin Henry
Woman Sergeant 14308 Lorelli Harper
Sergeant 17127 Nigel Newton
Sergeant 17040 Eon Isaacs
Sergeant 17098 Harvey Sutherland
Woman Sergeant 18464 Johann Henry
Sergeant 19269 Junior Blair



Woman Special Inspector Debra Dey


Woman Special Sergeant 1.0313 Hulda Giles


18624 Corporal Rose
W.20546 Corporal Bhowan
W.20716 Corporal Alleyne
W.20988 Corporal Argyle
W.21057 Corporal , Rodrigues
19770 Corporal Adams
20723 Corporal Cyril
21118 Corporal Gillis
17388 Corporal Galloway
19304 Corporal Gaspar
16736 Corporal Blacks
20968 Corporal Ramsay
15533 Corporal Edoo
14091 Corporal Mc Pherson
19949 Corporal Fraser
20354 Corporal Allicock
19104 Corporal Boxhill
18372 Corporal Smith
20757 Corporal Wilkinson
21783 Corporal Clement
22093 Corporal Sparman
21676 Corporal Towler
W.21602 Corporal Richmond
W.19000 Corporal Lyttle
W.19472 Corporal Sutton
20895 Corporal Hemerding
19758 Corporal Dowlin
W.14832 Corporal Quimbie
17682 Corporal Laundry
18845 Corporal De Souza
13681 Corporal Yaw
19233 Corporal Jackson
16300 Corporal Edwards
21074 Corporal Cush
17221 Corporal Felix
Corporal Mc Almont
21551 Corporal Boston
W.22720 Corporal Martin
20600 Corporal Barrow
19811 Corporal Griffith
17191 Corporal Allicock
19656 Corporal O’Brien
W.21701 Corporal Mona-Singh
21199 Corporal Jerrick
20409 Corporal Payne
21613 Corporal Bishop
W.15617 Corporal Melville
20503 Corporal Chapman
21034 L/Corporal Marshall
17792 Corporal Dalloo
W.16516 Corporal Grannum
W.15932 Corporal Dazell
18351 Corporal , Jones
20553 Corporal Harris
20404 Corporal Griffith
21516 Corporal Rodrigues
W.20846 Corporal Hale
W. 17907 Corporal Cheong
W. 19988 Corporal Johnson
W.16813 Corporal Benjamin
20071 Corporal Jeffers
20989 Corporal Downer
20684 Corporal George
17882 Corporal Lynch
18830 Corporal Durant
19563 Corporal Tappin
20350 Corporal Fraser
W.20907 Corporal Wilson
21476 Corporal Bostwick
13755 Corporal Britton
21791 Corporal Barkoye
W.19995 Corporal Williams-Garraway
14184 Corporal Schultz
W.16699 Corporal Miller
16826 Corporal Bernard
18694 Corporal John
20900 Corporal Joseph
22103 Corporal Hanover
17335 Corporal Ramnarine
W.22451 Corporal Clarke-McPherson
21644 Corporal Rameshwar
W.20616 Corporal Junor
21055 Corporal Tancredo
22104 Corporal Nunes
20353 Corporal Fields
W.20217 Corporal Johnson
W.22131 Corporal Joyce-Dover
W.22385 Corporal Collins
W.24393 Corporal Vanvield
18620 Corporal Gomanie
19731 Corporal Murphy
20379 Corporal Bidadhar
W.22466 Corporal Yearwood
18670 Corporal Gordon
19515 Corporal Bissessar
W.20650 Corporal Bentham-Andrews
21458 Corporal Timmerman
18121 Corporal Adolphus


21178 L/Corporal Dufu
21390 L/Corporal Ramjattan
20011 L/Corporal Fraser 7
19281 L/Corporal , Morris
20892 L/Corporal Da Silva
21035 L/Corporal Patterson
20905 L/Corporal Garrell
20778 L/Corporal Lalbachan
20838 L/Corporal Reece
21640 L/Corporal Craigen
21665 L/Corporal Crandon
W.19005 L/Corporal Lyttle
W.21904 L/Corporal Quimbie
16137 L/Corporal Farley
17810 L/Corporal Ross
20853 L/Corporal Leitch
21279 L/Corporal Eytle
21497 L/Corporal Retemiah
19784 L/Corporal Edwards
20112 L/Corporal Anderson
19534 L/Corporal Schultz
W.20403 L/Corporal Allison
W.20237 L/Corporal George
W.20201 L/Corporal Barnes-Dickson
W.20593 L/Corporal Williams
W.20805 L/Corporal Pinheiro
W.22094 L/Corporal Thomas
21525 L/Corporal Simmons
17393 L/Corporal Johnny
W.20622 L/Corporal Kendall
W.21989 L/Corporal Forde
21825 L/Corporal Thomas
18953 L/Corporal Greaves
19734 L/Corporal Beharry
21488 L/Corporal Grenville
19833 L/Corporal Chapman
20997 L/Corporal Chrsitie
21962 L/Corporal Bacchus
22127 L/Corporal Hinds
22385 L/Corporal Hutson
W.21172 L/Corporal Davis
W.2189O L/Corporal Roberts
21875 L/Corporal Smith
W.22507 L/Corporal Vanderstoop
21743 L/Corporal Holder
19111 L/Corporal Harry
18110 L/Corporal Persaud
W.20307 L/Corporal Persaud-Browne
19675 L/Corporal Kishore
22389 L/Corporal Williams
22089 L/Corporal Murray
W.20421 L/Corporal Harris
19316 L/Corporal ( Squires
211823 L/Corporal Reid
21848 L/Corporal Cort
24379 L/Corporal Paddy
22511 L/Corporal Alleyne
22051 L/Corporal Greene
19735 L/Corporal Lake
17571 L/Corporal Deokaran
18307 L/Corporal Bourne
21896 L/Corporal Moore
21885 L/Corporal Chapman
20947 L/Corporal Beaton
20510 L/Corporal Gonsalves
19286 L/Corporal Benjamin
22063 L/Corporal Andrews
21035 L/Corporal Patterson
20463 L/Corporal Jack
21253 L/Corporal D‘Oliviera
18927 Constable Bechnie
19580 Constable Cameron
20669 Constable Ramsay
20690 Constable Mentore
20692 Constable Reynolds
20770 Constable Dhanraj
20844 Constable Browne
20849 Constable Ross
21155 Constable Stephen
21157 Constable Tobin
21254 Constable Northe
W.21307 Constable Pellew
21323 Constable Clarke
21537 Constable Archer
W.21438 Constable Harry
21564 Constable Tappin
21606 Constable De Freitas
21646 Constable Beckles
21749 Constable Elias
21888 Constable Murray
21913 Constable Cox
21953 Constable Cameron
22228 Constable Pachai
22444 Constable ‘ James
22858 Constable Anderson
23235 Constable Wilson
23279 Constable Calder
W.20747 Constable Critchlow
W.22454 Constable Pellew
W.23274 Constable August
W.19982 Constable Deane-Smith
W.20545 Constable Noel
W.21059 Constable Darlington
W.21475 Constable Batson
W.21608 Constable Mc Phoy
W.22793 Constable Layne
W.23123 Constable Grant
W.23278 Constable Bovell
21886 Constable ‘ Guillaume
W.20472 Constable Cadogan-Harry
W.21371 Constable Headley
W.21992 Constable Nicholson
W.23203 Constable Ross-Singh
W.22423 Constable Bailey
18513 Constable Jonas
20117 Constable Hernandez
20164 Constable Bobb
W.21500 Constable Thomas
W.21716 Constable Victor
W.21736 Constable Williams
W.23667 Constable Azore
16416 Constable Roberts
17619 Constable Grandison
20059 Constable Bourne
20189 Constable Jones
20534 Constable John
20666 Constable Alfred
20730 Constable Hyman
20819 Constable Headley
20955 Constable Dodson
21117 Constable Fields
21119 Constable Mannie
21264 Constable Allen
21332 Constable Ramsay
21377 Constable Aaron
21419 Constable Grant
21424 Constable , Lind roe
W.21514 Constable Duke
21625 Constable Thomas
21633 Constable Wills
21682 Constable Boucher
21687 Constable Bryan
21710 Constable Williams
21718 Constable Kippins
21844 Constable Adams
21922 Constable ” Wilson
21963 Constable Vyphuls
21975 Constable Trotman
22123 Constable Greene
22139 Constable Petrie
22462 Constable Small
W.22465 Constable Darlington-Whyte
22543 Constable Anys
22605 Constable Banwarie
22614 Constable Rooplall
22650 Constable ‘ Shepherd
22787 Constable James A
22850 Constable Thorne
22527 Constable Mc Koy
23619 Constable Langhorne
24360 Constable Cadogan
23690 Constable Hoyte
W.22725 Constable O’Brien
23300 Constable Lewis
20605 Constable Henry
22258 Constable Mc Clintock
22628 Constable Semple
22718 Constable Joseph
23242 Constable Benn
23244 Constable King
23260 Constable Cummings
23377 Constable Harcourt
24010 Constable Nizamuddin
W.22062 Constable Andrews

Note; We are currently updating this list to include those that are promoted to the rank of corporal.
Please check back on this page later for the updated list. Thank you