Following a report last week in this publication, in which at least two customers had complained that Republic Bank Guyana has stolen their monies, more than thirty people have since reached out to this news outfit accusing the Trinidadian owned Bank of robbing them too.
19 of those complaints were received via Facebook, and an additional 15 were made by phone. On the other hand, there are more than 20 people who publicly posted on this publication’s Facebook wall to say they were ‘robbed’ by the bank.

However, from the 34 who had reached out directly to this publication, at least 2 of them claimed that they were robbed of more than a million dollars each; While the others quoted figures of between $11,000 way up to $500,000.

Citing the sheer volume of affected persons and the apparent reluctance on the Bank’s part to refund them, some of the victims who had retained an attorney to represent their interest are now freely extending the services of that Attorney to the other affected persons, in anticipation of filing a class action lawsuit against Republic Bank in the coming days.

However, since it is already the Christmas holidays, persons who had lost monies at the bank are asked to reach out to the Attorney via telephone number 611-5060, preferably after the 3rd January 2019 to schedule an appointment.

No consultation fees or appointment fees are required to see the lawyer in connection with the case, since the attorney has decided to waive such fees for the affected victims.