Six rape victims, through their relatives and their lawyers are pointing their fingers at a popular nightclub on Main Street, and another on Camp Street, in the city, after claiming that they were raped in the precincts of the respective clubs after their drinks were secretly spiked by colluding bartenders and waitresses who are hired by sexual predators at the two clubs.

Two of the rape cases are over a year old, while at least four are recent incidents in which law enforcement are scrambling for tangible evidence.

This revelation was made by at least two prominent lawyers, two victims, and a Senior rank of the Guyana Police Force, who maintained that the culprits of the crime are usually from wealthy and well-connected families, who have been instrumental in ensuring that the matters are suppressed.

Interestingly, both clubs have secret backrooms where the act is done and is sometimes filmed or photographed, unknowingly to the victims.

Based upon two of the victims account, it is suspected that when a potential victim is identified, but is considered to be a too careful individual, her would-be-rapist will pay his preferred barman or waitress well enough to ensure that they slip a tasteless date-rape drug into the target’s drink and recap it for later opening in front of their face to make them feel foolishly secured, or in their glass as a matter of blind-trust, prior to serving it.

After several moments, the victim would begin to feel dizzy and sometimes aroused, which can later become too intense for them to remain seated at the bar. As a result, they will be assisted to a room by a colluding waitress, and be advised to rest.

Minutes later, the would-be-rapist will then slip away to the identified room, (sometimes via a concealed alternate entrance) and then sexually assault the helpless victim who may be too weak or drugged-out to resist, or to even know what is really happening to them.

At least three choices of readily available date rape drugs in Guyana has been proven to be effective enough to bring their victims to the state of helplessness.

However, it has been reported that the most effective date-rape-drug at these nightclubs is Rohypnol, otherwise known as “Forget Me Pill” or “Roopies”. It is called the “Forget Pill” because it actually makes it near impossible for date-rape victims to actually remember if they were really raped, who raped them, how many persons raped them, in addition to where and when, among other key details.

(See a link to more information on this date-rape drug below this article)

As such, victims who were raped while being under the influence of Rohypnol may not be able to effectively prove if it was the person who they were clubbing with that had raped them or someone else. However, most women whose drinks were spiked would recover within one to two hours later, depending on the dosage given, with a feeling that their vagina (or even anus or mouth) was sexually violated, but would not be able to effectively say by who, or whether they were definitely assaulted.

Moreover, traces of date rape drugs cannot be picked up in the bloodstream by no lab in Guyana, making a test to determine if they were drugged, practically useless.

To add insult to injury, once enough witnesses from the nightclub maintained that you were left alone to sleep, your predator had long left, and no one had entered the room until you are up; any allegation of rape becomes difficult for the police to effectively follow, much less to charge someone to go to court.

All these many rape victims can do now, is network with each other to expose their respective rapist, and post their identities among other things on the internet, which can have several legal implications. But the victims seem unbothered by such concerns.

As such, the Guyana Guardian was provided with a list of names of young men, particularly from prominent families that are colluding with the nightclubs to date rape several young women each week, and with the inadvertent blessings of the clubs themselves.

At least in the case of the six young women, all the names of their accused rapists, their current place of employment – if employed, in addition to the names of their parents and their prominent job positions were also provided. The information has since been passed down to at least one diplomatic mission and two women’s rights organizations, who intends to pressure the police force to reopen the probes or retain a special investigator to look at the cases.

But even so, one of the interviewed attorneys cautioned that women especially should be vigilant when accepting and buying drinks at Night Clubs since many seasoned date rapists are always looking out for new victims, especially at locations where their actions are condoned and the facilities for them to commit the act are provided.