The government has announced a 7% salary increase for all public servants earning less than $100,000 per month.

The salary increase will be retroactive from the 1st January this year, which will mean a bigger payout for thousands of public servants this year.
The increase in salaries was revealed by Minister of Finance Winston Jordan during the ongoing 2019 budget presentations earlier this week.

However, with teachers already gaining from a previously approved salary increase which was negotiated after their strike action in September, the Minister explained that as a result there will no increase for teachers as part of the Public Servants pay raise.

On the other hand, the discipline services will also be benefiting from the salary increase, but would again not receiving the salary bonus that they were accustom to under the previous government.

In Minister’s Jordan view, the bonus was a strategy by the PPC government to exert control over the discipline services at the expense of other public servants.