(Guardian Satire) – Guyana is a country that is so divisive along racial and political lines that as soon as you open your mouth to voice your opinion on a policy matter or write an article in that regard, the people that are listening to you or reading what you wrote would immediately classify you as either a PNC (APNU) or a PPP.

Of course, this will depend on who you are criticizing and who is listening, since you can end up getting some good licks with a bar stool if you insist on making a contentious point that edges on political criticism.

In most cases, hereditary political ignorance, and self-induced illiteracy is often the reason why even some of the most educated Guyanese are incapable of reasoning along the line of fairness, or be tolerant enough to seriously process the facts of an opposing view.

So by the end of this column, I expect to be criticized from either side of the political divide.

But here is my point nonetheless.

I want you to imagine for one moment (just imagine) that Bharrat Jagdeo was the President of the day, and that Granger was the opposition leader.

Imagine that Granger gave Bharrat Jagdeo three lists of names (something that had never happened in this country’s history) to choose the GECOM Chairman from those lists.

But after those three lists, Bharrat reject all of the names and choose one of his former contract employees, “Ramesh Jaisingh” (who he prefer) to lead GECOM.

Just pause for a minute and imagine such a scenario.

If you are a fair person, I don’t think that you will deny what would happen next.

The whole of Georgetown would have turned into a big ball of fire, and the country would have been shut down, with roads burning from Buxton to Agricola.

It would have been a big fire, more fire. Not slow fire, more fire.

Caricom would have had to send another mission to end the violence and the ABC countries would have been busy appealing for peace.

In other words, Mr. Granger and the APNU would not have sit back and “make noise easy” from through his office window like Bharrat, who only peeping out to show his vex face.

Give Jack his jacket. We all know the end results would have been different.

To put all of this into context, I do believe that President Granger should not have chosen his own candidate outside of the list that was given to him.

He has now set a bad precedent for the future of this nation and will be leaving a legacy that would only create confusion for the future generations of political leaders.

After all, every President before Granger stuck to the principle of one list; and they always respected the opposition’s choice of candidates.

Why deviate from that principle now?

Ret. Justice James Patterson and all is another one.

Being a former Judge, and a man who suppose to be hinged on the principles that law would have injected into him; – should have never accepted that position.

You mean to tell me that at his age, Justice Patterson is saying that he was really desperate to participate in a process that lacks even the basics of judicial morality?

On the flip side to that, there is another problem that will eventually work against the architects of that very issue.

Claiming racial profiling with regard to GECOM’s hiring process might not have been a good political strategy for the PPP in the longer term.

Here is why.

The opposition PPP has been lamenting that GECOM is sidelining other races to give one race the top positions.
In other words, the opposition is saying that is sheer black man they putting up top and only giving the coolie people dem small wuk at the bottom.

Is the PPP being real or someone is trying to stir up the race bait to trick the Indo-Guyanese population into feeling insecure?

If my memory serves me right, GECOM at one point had an entire top brass that was made up of Indo-Guyanese people only; – (Steve Surujbally as Chairman, Gocol Boodho as Chief elections officer, and the third man in power was some Vishnu or something or close to that name), but the then opposition (at the time) PNC/ APNU never raised a single objection.

Again, at that time, it was clear that the three most important and most powerful positions at GECOM were being held by Indo-Guyanese.
To put it further, even the fourth most important position was held by an Indo-Guyanese; the same man that Bharrat quarreling for right now.

As we all know, the then APNU opposition never went to the press to say that no Afro-Guyanese ain’t get the top position at GECOM.

To even make matters worse, Bodhoo at one time took an AFC seat and handed it in broad daylight to the PPP, and the opposition did nothing effective about it.

Even so, they never protested and said that he was working for the PPP (at least not publicly).

Eventually, Bodhoo contract was not renewed and Surujbally resigned.

Co-incidentally, the same panel of Indo Guyanese (including Surujbally) are the same people who recommended an Afro Guyanese for the position of Chief Elections Officer. He went in that position from since PPP time.

My question is why would any right thinking person suddenly felt it best to start playing the race card at this important juncture of our country?

What is so wrong now if coincidentally, most of the top brass at GECOM now happens to be Afro-Guyanese?

Are we saying that GECOM top positions is ok for one race but is not fitting for the other?

Who is the comic that started this nonsense?

Bharrat Jagdeo should have been smart enough not to allow himself to baited into this issue, especially publicly.

What would many Afro-Guyanese voters think of the PPP now?

In a nutshell, Bharrat Jagdeo should be ashamed of himself to allow another old man, Robeson Benn to drag him into a debate about which race should be hired at GECOM top level and which race should not.

GECOM is already plagued with so many problems that only the ABC countries can fix it.

Otherwise, my best suggestion would be to knock off Patterson, and simply let GECOM be headed by a Chiney man and hire a Putagee man to be the Deputy.

Because it seems like anywhere way black man and coolie deh, confusion bound to follow.

After all, dem Amerindian dun formin dem own party. And if you put an Amerindian man as the head for Gecom, the argument about race may be the same again.

I doubt dem Chiney would form a political party. Because in any case, even with Guyanese citizenship, the real Chiney people (that came from China) don’t campaign for election in this country, and they DON’T vote in Guyana either.

What you think?