A Brazilian man who was said to have been involved in an altercation with his wife in the interior yesterday morning, was subsequently shot dead after he allegedly tried to attack a security officer who was trying to stop him from physically assaulting his wife.

According to the police, they are currently investigating the shooting death which occurred at the 7 Hour Backdam, Dukwarie, Cuyuni River, at around 10am yesterday.

The now dead Brazilian man, whose only name has been given as  Nemar, was allegedly involved in an argument with his wife who also resides in Charlotte Street Georgetown.

However, the argument became physical, and which led to the decease physically abusing his wife, who tried to fight back.

As a result, a 55-year-old Security Guard who works in the interior and who hails from La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, intervened and tried to bring the situation to a peaceful end.

But this apparently angered the deranged husband, who then took hold of a cutlass and advanced towards the security guard, who was forced to discharge a round in the direction of his attacker, and which penetrated his face.

The man is suspected to have died on the spot.