Ganesh Danraj, the man who was wanted for the murder of his wife Dhanwantie Ram at Parika, was cornered and shot by police at around 2am this morning, before being taken to the hospital where he was treated for the gunshot wound and placed under arrest.

The man’s whereabouts were being sought after his wife was discovered dead in her bed with a bed sheet wrapped around her neck.

Police had suspected that the man must have strangled the 29-year-old mother of three after a bitter domestic squabble at their home which is located at Parika on the East Bank of Essequibo.

After failing in their bid to convince the fugitive to turn himself in, police decided to launch a manhunt which saw the man evading an earlier dragnet by running away and then submerging himself in the Essequibo River.

But with his capture earlier this morning, police are now hoping to wrap up their investigations into the matter before charging Danraj with murder.