When 42-year old Ramesh Ramdeen slashed his wife Sabrina Latham’s throat just after lunch yesterday at their Kilkoy/ Chesney home, he left no self-confessed reason for taking her life, since, after the act, he allegedly took his own life too.

It was reported that the couple had just returned from the Albion Magistrate’s Court where they had a domestic violence matter that ended in the woman deciding to move out of the home that she had been sharing with her husband of 15 years.

Police and observers outside of the two flat house where the murder occurred.

Under police escort, the 32-year-old Sabrina along with her estranged husband and her sister-in-law went to the couple’s home (based upon a court order) to uplift the woman’s personal belongings.

But the police subsequently left under circumstances that are still embroiled in controversy, since the cops are claiming that the woman had told them that she has a change of heart and will stay with her husband; – a claim that is now disputed by her relatives.

At the time, the man’s sister who was at the house with them and was in possession of Sabrina’s phone also left with the cops, after returning the woman’s phone to her.

But prior to leaving, the woman has admitted that she was answering her estranged sister-in law’s mobile phone whenever it rang, but could not say if she was told to do so.

She even answered the phone when Sabrina’s mother called to check on her safety.

But while the man’s decision to kill his wife seems to be a simple fit of jealousy or anger, another relative of the man, who identified herself only as ‘Shelly’, told the Guyana Guardian late last night that her cousin (Ramdeen’s sister who was at the house with Sabrina’s phone) had told her that while they were there, a man called Sabrina’s phone, and she answered.

After giving the phone to Sabrina, it was alleged that the man on the other side of the line seems to have been querying if she had already packed up and ready to leave.

Based on the woman’s responses, Ramdeen became suspicious and grabbed the phone from his wife, which resulted in a brief verbal exchange between himself and the male person on the phone.

Coincidentally, it is alleged that the man that had made the call, a fisherman, was at the centre of the extra-marital accusations that Ramdeen has been repeatedly making against his wife.

But after the phone call, the wife insisted that she was not involved with the man, and that he was only a family friend who was checking for a job for her, and was probably concern fr her safety.

It was then Ramdeen allegedly told her that he no longer cares about that and he has put the issue behind him. He then calmly told his wife that would have to choose whether she wants to stay or leave, since he is not stopping her.

At the time, the cousin said that the couple seemed settled, and agreed to talk, with the woman allegedly agreeing to delay her moving out until later in that evening.

However, one neighbour is claiming that about twenty minutes after the police had left, Sabrina seemed to have had answered another phone call, presumably from the same fisherman, since a subtle quarrel had erupted.

“Dem bin a quarrel low bout de phone call and de man, cause he ask she if a da man she bin a lef am fah”, said the neighbour who reiterated that he knows the coupe for more than three years

He added that after a seemingly mumbled sequence of talking that became too low for him to clearly hear, there was a sudden 20-seconds tumble, which was followed by an eerie silence.

Moments later he and another neighbour called out for the couple but received no answer, which prompted them to call the Albion Police Station.

When the police arrive and forced their way into the two-bedroom home, the body of Sabrina and her husband were discovered on the floor at separate locations, settled in their own blood.

They were already dead.