Several hundred prisoners who were brought to the Lusignan prison after a fire that they had set at the Camp Street Prison resulted in its near-destruction, made several attempts to repeat the same act at the Lusignan prison this morning.

According to well-placed sources, the prisoners took gasoline from a generator that was in the prison compound and poured it into several bottles to make dozens of Molotov cocktails.

They then lit the improvised explosives and threw them unto the wooden wall sections of  the prison.

However, quick action by firefighters and the police averted another prison inferno, but the prisoners are said to be somewhat uneasy.

Questioned on whether the repeat actions of the prisoners can be considered as another attempt to frustrate the penal system or aid them in an escape bid, a senior prison official at Lusignan dismissed this assertion.

He lamented that the prisoners were frustrated at the flooded condition of the field area where they are being held, and were protesting this discomfort.

With the Camp Street prison almost destroyed by fire that was set by several prisoners on July 9, several concerned members of the public have expressed their uneasiness at the fact that the Lusignan facility is less secured and potentially inadequate to handle the sudden influx of especially hardened criminals.

However, State media had released statements by Minister of Public Security Mr. Kemraj Ramjattan, in which he had assured the public that several measures are being put in place to deal with public safety, while contending that systems are in place to ensure that the prisoners are properly confined.