A woman was brutally stabbed to death allegedly at the hands of her lover early this morning in Queenstown, Skeldon, and then had her body dumped in a drain by the perpetrator, outside of ‘Eric shop’.

The victim who has been identified by documents on her person as Itashia Frank, is said to be a stranger to the area, who was involved with her accused killer, whose name has been given as ‘Dorn’ and was said to be frequent visitor Cayenne, French Guiana, but was ‘hussling weed’ now to make a living.
It is understood that the man was also experiencing frequent nervous breakdowns after becoming a victim to substance abuse or ‘after someone do him in Suriname’.

When this publication arrived on the scene, police with the aid of undertakers were removing the woman’s muddy body from the drain before placing her on a stretcher.

From initial observations, it would seem that the victim may have been killed between late last night and the wee hours of this morning, since her body was almost stiff, forcing undertakers to straighten her neck and her limbs in order to stabilize the body on a funeral parlour stretcher.

But so muddied was the body that the undertakers had to rest the body on the ground and take several buckets of water to wash it off in full view of the public.
After the woman’s body was washed off, several stab wounds could have been seen all over her upper torso. But what was even more revealing, was a gaping wound to the back of her neck, and which seemed to have almost severed her spine, hence the reason for head appearing to be dangled.

It remains unclear as to what could have led to the murder, but police have since taken the alleged killer into custody.

Witnesses claimed that they saw the woman ‘liming’ at a shop in the area since last night, but claimed that she was not from the area, with some even suggesting that she may be from Georgetown.

The police are investigating.