The Guyana Guardian, which clocks a daily online readership hit of between 30,000 to 80,000 per day is now facing an unprecedented attack from a government grouping which is now urging its supporters not to read the Guardian.

The publication’s portal which according to Nielsen web scan attracts more daily readers than all Guyana government news websites combined, has been an irritant to some sections of the local media fraternity, who had made many attempts in the past to shut the publication’s website down.

Hence, the owners of the publication were not surprised when the hatchet was upped today, but was shocked to discover that the government is now leading the bandwagon to shut the website down.

In a brazen and unethical posting today on the APNU AFC Facebook page, the administrator of that social media page attacked the publication’s Editor-in-Chief Dennis Adonis, in a posted image, while urging the public not to read the Guardian.

Adonis has since assured that a lawsuit against the administrator of the page is in order.

Reacting to the posting, Senior Editor of the Guardian Ms. Andrea Fernandes reiterate that the posting was a direct attack on a news publication, while stressing that the incident would be one that will be regretted.

John Richards, a former Stabroek News Reporter, who now serves as the Junior Editor at the Guyana Guardian stressed that he is not surprised by what he saw, since the local media fraternity is literally smutty.

He laughed uncontrollably at the assertions in the posting which says that Adonis is writing all of the articles in the Guardian himself.

“I believe that posts of this nature undermine the integrity of legitimate journalists (like myself) who functions within this organization. And being void of substantive evidence warrants an apology”, Richards stressed.

Lisa Jaisingh a Canadian citizen of Guyanese parentage also lashed out at the posting, while indicating that the government should be ashamed of that post.

She is of the view that envy and jealousy or fear is probably working against whoever is calling on APNU AFC supporters not to read the Guardian.

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