Georgetown, Guyana; – In what appeared to be an eye-pass attack against another member of the judiciary – at least two armed bandits brazenly stormed the home of the Register of Deeds Ms. Azeena Baksh just after lunch yesterday, and carted off a number of valuables in addition to an undisclosed sum of cash.

Usually reliable sources indicated that the men did not only carted off valuables, but certainly took some time out to sip on some beverages and ate crackers before escaping.

The Guyana Guardian was unable to confirm whether Ms. Baksh or any other family member was at the “Young Professionals Housing Scheme, Eccles, East Bank Demerara” home at the time.

However, other residents from the community told this publication that the housing scheme in question is usually desolated during the day, since most of its occupants are professionals who are usually at work, while their children are at school.
Hence, at least 90% of the households are generally unoccupied during working hours, with little or no vigilance by the police or any watch group at such times.

They claimed that the invasion of Ms. Baksh’s home is nothing new, since similar attacks had occurred to other residents in the past. However, they argued that the police were unable to make any benefitting arrest or any encouraging progress pertaining to their previous complaints in this regard.

A handful of other members of the judiciary is said to also have homes in the community, along with other professionals.

Police are currently unable to say whether the attack against Ms. Baksh was a random one or a case where her home was directly targeted.

Efforts by this publication to solicit a comment from Ms. Baksh on the attack has so far been futile.

The robbery of Ms. Baksh has occurred just over a year since another female member of the judiciary had suffered a worst fate at the hands of five bandits who had invaded her home as the family slept on the 9 July 2015.

In that case, the bandits had robbed and brutally assaulted Land Court Judge Nicola Pierre, and her husband Mohammed Chand.
At the end of that robbery assault, the Judge had to be hospitalized with a broken jaw among other injuries, while her husband has since lost his right eye.

One of the bandits at the time is said to have told police that neither himself or the other bandits knew that they were attacking the home of a Judge.

Three of the men were found guilty during a trial, and were each sentenced to a prison term of sixteen years.