The Moore family of Crawford street, Rosehall, Berbice, became an unfortunate lot last evening, after a late afternoon fire which had razed their house, has now left the family of four desperate for a place to stay until they can get back on their feet.

But even so, the family is very much suspicious about the fire, in as much that they are urging investigators to look at the possibility of arson.

According to Abdool Moore, 29, one of the then occupants of the now burnt-out premises, himself, his father, and his sister, along with her two children, had resided at the location for more than ten years.

He added that prior to the fire; he was on the road nearby plying his trade as a health herbalist (selling herbal concoctions) earlier yesterday afternoon, but subsequently went home for something to eat before venturing back on the road.

At the time, he said that nothing seemed amiss, as his father, niece, and nephew were all asleep in the hammock on the veranda upstairs, and were the only persons at home when he left, since his sister was out of the district.

Moore further stated that about an hour and a half later, he was aroused by his neighbours who were hysterically shouting to him that his house was on fire.

The man related that by the time he had rushed home, it was by far too late, since the entire house was already engulfed in flames and was crumbling, while his father, along with his niece and nephew were safely outside.

Outside of the burnt-out premises, the father, 57-year-old Lloyd Moore, related that he and his grandchildren were asleep in a hammock when the fire was started.

He added that he only became aware of the fire, after he was awakened by his frantic granddaughter who was in the hammock with him at the time and was probably awoken by the growing heat wave from the fire.

“She kicked me in my face, that’s how I wake up and see the fire”, said the elder Moore.

The man further stated that in haste and fear, he had to jump over the not-too-high veranda along with his grandchildren, as the fire had already engulfed the inner parts of the house.

Still visibly shaken, Mr. Moore lamented and expressed his frustration at the Rosehall Fire Station’s weak response, while insisting that they took a long while to come, only to announce upon their arrival that the water in their fire engine was too limited to fight the fire.

However, the family is adamant that the fire was not as a result of any act from within the home since they were all asleep at the time.

They are now suggesting that the fire was probably set by an arsonist.

Asked whether they had any known grievances that could have prompt anyone to resort to setting their house on fire, the younger Moore responded in the negative.

According to the younger Moore, he strongly suspects arson, since the house had no electricity at the time, compounded by the fact that there were no matches in the house within the reach of his 4 year-old-niece and his 6-year-old nephew, who he said was asleep in any case.

The family has since estimated their losses to be in excess of 2.2 million, while noting that their savings, dredging pumps for interior mining purposes, clothing, furniture, as well as livestock were all destroyed.

While not certain as to what their next move will be, or where they’ll sleep at nights, they are seeking any assistance from the public, since they were unable to save anything.

Anyone desirous of helping them can contact the family via telephone number: (+592) 337-4253 or (+592) 675-7869