Amid an ongoing social media debate about the citizenship status of some members of parliament, figures from since 2017 have revealed that at least 12 APNU+AFC and 14 PPP/C MP’s have citizenship status in 6 other countries, mainly the United States, Canada, and India.

While most are United States and Canadian citizens, at least four had become citizens of India in 2016 – and are carrying Indian passports, one became an Australian citizen in 2017, One became an Emirati in 2017, and two had Trinidadian citizenship since 2012.
In all, at least 26 of the current list of members of parliament have a foreign passport and have sworn their allegiance to another country, and not Guyana, offering to even fight against the Republic if there was to be a war between Guyana and that country.

This has since raised questions as to whether these Parliamentarians had lied in their declarations to GECOM, and whether they were legally entitled to sit in the Parliament of Guyana in the first place. At least the late Forbes Burnham and Hugh Desmond Hoyte did not think so, as was evident during their rule and via statements that they had made while in office.

To add insult to injury, many of these MP’s children are not Guyanese citizens, with many sitting and past MP’s following a trend of sending their wives overseas to make ‘anchor’ babies – just to ensure that their children have foreign citizenship, mostly in the United States and Canada.
In cases where the children were born here, most MP’s choose to let their children attend school overseas, even from nursery, and have put systems in place for them to live permanently abroad.

As a matter of fact, more than 90% of the current list of Members of Parliament have sent their wife and children to live permanently abroad.

One former MP (all of whose children lives abroad too) have told this publication last night that many Members of Parliament simply ensure that their children are kept away from the economic circumstances and turmoil that often plague Guyana.
“They want their children to be raised in a safer, more stable, and healthy country, where they can have a better life, – one that they may not be able to get under the current circumstances in Guyana”, he asserted.

It was also discovered that around 40% of all current members of Parliament have properties abroad and is maintaining most of their bank savings outside of Guyana.

It is for this very reason that all three of the major political parties, (being the PNCR, the PPPC, and the AFC) refused to examine the issue when it was first raised by Chandra Narine Sharma during one of his Justice for All television programs a few years ago, citing the fact that a large number of their respective MP’s had long renounced their Guyanese citizenship.

So, since both parties were (and still is) guilty of having a large number of foreign citizens sitting on their side of the bench, neither the APNU+AFC or the PPPC is willing to even entertain any discussions on the issue.