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Attempted murder victim says she has forgiven the man who tried to kill her

Attempted murder victim Ms/ Jennifer Monplaisir displays one of her injured hands to the Guyana Guardian during an interview.Attempted murder victim Ms/ Jennifer Monplaisir displays one of her injured hands to the Guyana Guardian during an interview.

By Odella Patterson

(Guyana Guardian) – On Friday 1 July, 2016, Guyana was abuzz with news that Suresh Ganesh, a cutlass wielding man had allegedly butchered his helpless wife Vanessa Sookram, and his two year old toddler Joel Ganesh, before almost amputating his mother Jennifer Monplaisir’s hands.

Persons who were familiar with the crime scene had told the Guyana Guardian that the toddler was found almost decapitated with his intestines protruding on a bed, while the 34 yr old wife was almost covered in blood nearby.
And from the look of things, the man’s wife was bludgeon to death in her sleep, while the child may have obviously been oblivious to his impending fate.

While his wife and son suffered a quick and brutal death, his mother was fortunate to survive the ordeal, after being attended to by a team of medical professionals at the Georgetown Public Hospital for several weeks.

During that time, the accused was brought before the court, and was remanded to prison on two counts of murder, and two counts of attempted murder, after police had also charged him for using the same murder weapon on the same day, against another innocent man who was residing a few blocks away from the murder scene.

However, while police had charged the man, one of his victims, who happen to be the alleged killer’s mother and closest witness to the crimes is now saying that has forgiven her son, even though he had attempted to kill her.

In an exclusive interview with the Guyana Guardian, Ms. Jennifer Monplaisir told the publication that she has overcome her anger against her attacker, while recalling the last moments leading up to him pouncing on her.

According to the frail looking woman, she had arose in the company of her husband Ronald Williams at their Best Village home at around 4am on that fateful day to make her usual morning preparations in anticipation of serving her family breakfast before taking on the days impending challenges.

While most of her children had lived with her, the eldest son Suresh had shared a separate shack in the same yard with his now deceased wife Jeniffer, and their two year old son, who also happens to be her grandson.

But while she was an early riser, Suresh’s wife was not. Hence it wasn’t unusual for her son to call her to her for an early breakfast every now and then.

So when he called out to her at about 4:30am on that fateful day, she thought nothing unusual about it.

Thus with the help of her husband, she buttered some bread, prepared a hot cup of tea, and then took it over to her son, who was mumbling to her.
His murmuring then evolved into a more audible claim that his mother and other members of her household were gossiping about him, much to his displeasure.

But Ms. Monplaisir claimed that before she could have queried his allegations, her son wielded a machete and began to inflict several chops about her body.

Realizing what was happening, the woman said that she screamed out to her husband and other children for help, and made a dash to escape her attacker.

Within seconds, her husband and another son rushed to her aid and were somehow able to dissuade the attacker from inflicting any further wounds on her.

But by then, one of her hands was already dangling, while blood was squirting from other parts of her body.

Preferring to first try to save her life before going after the attacker, Ms. Monplaisir’s husband and children immediately rushed her in an unconscious state to the hospital for emergency medical attention.

However, while attending to her (or prior to even saving her), none of them knew that the man had also killed his wife and son, presumably while they were asleep.

It was only after her husband and younger son had left the hospital to report the matter to the Vreed en Hoop Police Station, that the dreaded news was passed on to them.

But even so, they remained in a state of disbelief until they were escorted to the area where the sight of a large crowd, a number of police vehicles, several crime scene detectives from the city, and the sight of the child’s corpse, forced them into acceptance of the reality that had beseeched them.

Several weeks later, the alleged murderer’s relatives is still trying to understand what could have lead a “usually quiet and caring man” to commit such a gruesome act against his own flesh and blood.

Among the most confused, is the man’s emotionally wrecked and now physically challenged mother who seems to be hit the hardest in her quest to decipher that puzzle.

She had lamented that it is still hard to believe that her eldest son who had cared for her so much could have possessed such a deadly instinct.

Still in obvious pain, the woman explained that after dissolving her marriage from her first husband several years ago she worked tirelessly alone to maintained her children and brought them up with defined discipline.

Support later came from their stepfather Ronald Williams, who had also worked to support them for several years.

She added that her hard labour and sacrifices had taken deep root among all of her children especially her eldest son Suresh, whom she had great admiration for as he is always at her side.

“My son use to look me after and give me money. If I sick he would be the first to make me get well soon, and would even bathe me when I can’t take care of myself” she said with a cracked toned.

She further claimed that though he smokes (illicit substances), he was quiet, got along with everyone, and was not a drunkard.

But this is a far cry from the way he was described by several other persons in the community.

Many had told this publication that the accused murderer was a drug addict and a drunkard who would often inflict severe beatings on his now deceased wife of several years.
The woman’s relatives had also claimed that she was forced to leave him on several occasions to escape the abuse, but was often convinced by him to return to the home where she subsequently met her death.

However, Suresh’s 49 year old mom is disputing this, even though she has lost the use of both of her hands as a result of the machete injuries that the same son had inflicted on her.

Supported by steel plates in the said hands, and unable to do most basic chores for herself, Ms. Monplaisir said that she has forgiven her son.
While admitting that he may have to pay whatever price justice subsequently throws at him, she saiod that she has been praying for him, and would continue to pray for him.

This has led many to believe that the woman, being a main witness, would most likely refuse to give any evidence against her son, which can weaken the police cases against him for the double homicide and attempt murder charges.

The forgiving mother had also stressed that in despite of her forgiveness and constant prayers, the sight of her almost healed wounds on her hands still serves as a constant reminder of her near brush with death.

Today, she lives with her daughter and is heavily reliant on her because she cannot eat, bathe or hold anything with either of her hands.

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