As a result of a court action that was filed by popular auto dealer BM Soat, a judge had directed agents of the judiciary to moved into the home of an elderly couple yesterday and at which they carted off a number of household items after their grandson failed to make payments to the dealer for a car that he had bought via a hire purchase agreement.

From the chairs in the house to wares, and the TV that the elderly couple uses as their main source or news and entertainment, among other things were taken away.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the auto dealer sent his agents and staff to remove the items yesterday from the home which is located at Lusignan on the East Coast of Demerara.

A staff from BM Soat overseeing one of the workers that were brought to seize the household items from the elderly couple home.
A staff from BM Soat overseeing one of the judicial agent that were brought to seize the furniture etc from the elderly couple’s home.

According to the 73-year-old woman from whose home the items were taken, she was visited on Wednesday morning by a representative of BM Soat Auto Sales who demanded that she hand over several of her household items. The woman said that upon enquiring, the representative informed her that her grandson and his friend had not been honouring their payment obligations to the dealership; and as such several items had to be seized.

The woman recounted that during the very embarrassing ordeal, the representative failed to produce any court order substantiating her right to seize the items. In fact, the dealership left behind a blank paper, without any signature, writing or stamp to suffice an alleged court order.

The pensioner lamented that after explaining to the representative, who arrived with several police officers and two court bailiffs, that she had no idea about the purchase of the vehicle, the items were still carted away.

Among the items seized were a chair set, a smart television, a dining table and a wall divider. The woman stated that the items were bought through hire purchase and had recently been paid off.

The grandson, however, had a different story when his family enquired. His story is that the car was bought by his friend but that person used his grandparents’ address (where he lived). However as it pertains to the car, the grandson informed his family that the car has been missing for several months.

When contacted on several occasions, management of the dealership could not be reached for a comment.

The woman expressed disdain at the attitude of the dealership. “I never signed no deal with these people. I never even see the car at this house. How can you come and seize my things without me signing nothing with you. It is unfair and I need justice!”. She stated.