A regularly highly-liquored man who had allegedly described himself as the “Bad Berbician” Will now have to take his “badness” to the camp street prison after he was sentenced to four months in prison by Magistrate Rushell Liverpool at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s court today.

The man, Sheeda Mohammed received the sentence after he was found guilty of threatening his wife and for the destruction of her property last Friday the 4 of January.

According to information revealed in court, Mohammed had been imbibing at a rum shop on that day, when his wife threw all of his clothes out of the house.

Upon his return sometime after midnight, Mohammed inquired about his clothing on the street, and tried to enter the house, but his wife of two years refused to let him in, while lamenting that she was fed up of his drinking and daily abuse.

Infuriated by all that was unfolding before him, Mohammed allegedly went and get two cutlasses and proceeded to chop every window right around the lower flat of the house, before climbing over to the veranda, threatening to chop his wife.

But upon reaching over the veranda, the man was so exhausted by his window chopping drama, that he decided to take a short rest before launching his planned attack on his wife.

However, his tiredness was so intense that he quickly fell into a deep sleep with the two cutlasses in his hands.

His fearful wife then escaped from the house, jumped over a neighbour’s fence and ran to the Sparendaam Police Station where she made a report, but claimed that it took almost two hours before a rank was available to accompany her to the house.

Interestingly, upon the police’s arrival, Mohammed was still sound asleep on the verandah with his two cutlasses at his side.

After getting some difficulty to wake him up, he was subsequently escorted to the police station where he was placed in custody.

He was then charged and placed before the court today.

However, when given a chance to speak Mohammed told Magistrate Liverpool that his wife is lying on him. He claimed that the incident got out of hand after his spouse threw hot pepper in his eyes, simply because he asked her for money.

The woman, however, counteracted that Mohammed already has a vision problem and cannot see properly with one eye.

After listening to all of the twist and turns of the couple’s story, Magistrate Liverpool later imposed the 4-month sentence upon Mohammed.