A family of four, who resides at Overton Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, was this morning terrorized by several bandits, who are reportedly members of a notorious Berbice gang known as ‘scare dem’ gang.

The family became the latest victims of the Angoy’s Avenue based gang members, who intruded their home and escaped allegedly with approximately $400,000 in cash and valuables, but not before inflicting grievous wounds to two members of the household in the process.

With his head wrapped in bloodstained bandages and a few relatives gathered around him, Jimmy Mohabir, 42, related to the Guyana Guardian that the family had retired to bed the previous night, but was awaken at around 1:45am this morning, after his mother called out to him, enquiring “Jimmy, you at meh room door” after the woman had noticed that someone was peeping at her in the room.

The injured man added that when he replied in the negative, his mother became alarmed and shouted for help, since she realized that the intruder was actually a bandit.

Alarmed at this, the man said that he got up in haste and alerted neighbors of the ordeal.

Armed with his cutlass which he sleeps with, he ran then to his mother’s aid just in time to halt the bandit’s attempt to stab her.

However, Mohabir explained that he was overpowered by the masked intruder, who he said seized the chance to chop him in his head and to his feet, with a long knife.

His father, Kamalodeen Mohabir, 77, subsequently came to his rescue, and then combined their efforts to “put some lash” on the criminal, who pleaded with his accomplices for help, since they were supposedly waiting and keeping watch downstairs.

In the process, the older Mohabir suffered chop wounds to his chest and his fingers.

Nevertheless, the father and son duo said that they manage to rain blows on the culprit, took off his mask, and further dealt him some more lashes, which caused him to blurt out the names of his accomplices who he said took the family’s 3 gold chains, 4 gold bands, and $340,000 in cash.

The younger Mohabir related that the suspect is known, along with the named accomplices via the suspect’s confession, but he (Mohabir) said he was advised by the police not to disclose the names.

The captured bandit has since been taken into custody.

(Picture above is that of one of the victims, Jimmy Mohabir, who was chopped on his head by one of the bandits)