Three bandits, who capitalized on a heavy downpour earlier this morning, calmly went on a house to house banditry campaign in the Glasgow housing scheme, East Bank Berbice area area where they proceeded to rob residents of their valuables.

Armed with handguns and their face partially concealed, the three culprits lay siege on a selected list of unsuspecting residents, who were all females.

Seemingly unconcerned about being caught, the bandits noisily made their first attack upon the residence of Ms. Shantie Sugrim, who was awakened from her sleep by the bandits in the wee hours of the morning.

The woman who lives with her three children and her elderly mother, told the Guyana Guardian that the attack on her home was preceded by loud barking from their dogs which somewhat indicated that something was amiss.

But it was not until the men used a crow bar and loudly broke down the back door, that the women realized that they were actually under attack.

Ms. Sugrim added that after the men had gained entry into her home they confronted her and demanded that she hand over all of her jewelry and cash.

With a gun placed to her head, and afraid for her life, the woman said she swiftly complied and handed over Jewelry to the value of $105,000, a $75,000 cellular phone, and $10,000 cash.

During the entire ordeal, Ms. Sugrim explained that her three young children and her mother had to quietly conceal themselves in a room from the bandits.

However the three armed men seemed to be aware that there were children in the house, and thus broke into the room and pointed weapons at the children while claiming that they will shoot them if she did not give them more cash.

But the woman said she honestly didn’t have any more money and begged the men, while her children began to scream loudly.

Disturbed by the children’s loud screaming, the bandits immediately rushed out of the house.

Several minutes later, the three barefoot bandits attempted to break into the home of Kamwattie Reginald, but later abandoned their quest after being deterred by heavy grillwork.

The only sign of their attempt entry that had remained thereafter, were several footprints that were consistent with persons walking bare feet.

After their disappointment at Mrs. Reginald’s home, the bandits then moved on to the residence of retired school teacher Ms. Anglia Tucker who lives alone.

According to the woman, she was aroused by a loud banging on her door, but became fearful, and therefore locked herself in her room without first making any attempt to investigate who was committing the act, and from where.

However, after realizing that there were bandits in her home, the woman said she remained silent in the locked room.

But after ransacking the entire living room and not finding much valuables the men immediately proceeded to break down her bedroom door.

Upon seeing the armed men, Ms. Tucker said she instinctively screamed out for help; an act which apparently scared away the bandits, who subsequently fled the scene with her ID card and bank ATM card.

The police were immediately summoned, but by then the men had already made good their escape.

Nonetheless, Commander of B Division Assisting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Paul Williams told this publication that the suspected attackers were known to the police.

Hence, an investigation along with a manhunt for the perpetrators is already ongoing.