A racist statement that was made by a white-Canadian woman against an Indo-Guyanese woman during a public office election campaign a few weeks ago, continues to anger many within the Guyanese community in Canada.

The woman, Ms. Elizabeth Terrell-Tracey has expressed opinions which suggest that Indo-Guyanese women are not fit for public office in Canada, and are accustomed to a life of crime.

The racists’ rants were made on the woman’s social media pages and in emails she sent to several persons in connection with an election that was intended to elect the Board of Trustees of York Region District School Board in Canada, for which Guyanese Lena Singh was gaining ground.

Describing Ms. Singh as a person who comes from a culture (race) whose mind is bent on village life, Ms. Terrell-Tracey had told electors that Ms. Singh is from a village in Guyana and was raised by a village.

“Ms. Singh was born in Guyana. Crime is prevalent across Guyana … she is born there,” said Ms. Terrell-Tracey who went on to add that the public office belongs to Canadians.

Several news reports have since pointed out that the same predominantly-white school board has a history of racial profiling, and even experienced another racial incident which saw one board member hounding down on a black parent while addressing her as a “Ni–er”.

That Board Member was subsequently forced to resign for her racial attack of the black woman.

But ironically, the Board of Trustees and Canada’s Education Minister’s office has confirmed that they cannot legally force Ms. Terrell-Tracey for her racial attack on Ms. Singh, but agreed that the situation is degrading and does not augur well for the district.

However, Guyanese of all races are not buying that explanation, and have expressed their disagreement by calling out members of the diaspora of all races to protest, claiming that what is good for one should also be good for the other.

Despite the protests, Ms. Terrell-Tracey who has since won the election against Ms. Singh says that she was duly elected, and has no intention of stepping down over the racial remarks.

Mandy Indo and Afro Guyanese parents have since expressed concerns over the fact that their children would have no other choice than to attend schools that are under the supervision of people who are failing to address occurrences of racialism from within their own ranks.