(Guyana Guardian) – Vernon Beckles and Dameion Gordon, the two Georgetown residents who have now become famous for what is now known as the “Canal beating story” which occurred at Two Brothers, Canal No. 1 Polder, West Bank Demerara over a pair of missing side view mirrors from a car on Pagwah Day, has been charged with simple larceny.

The Guyana Guardian was reliably informed that police had decided to charge the duo after carrying out rigid finger prints tests on the subsequently discovered stolen mirrors, in addition to the vehicle from which the mirrors were stolen.

Several witness statements were also considered, including one from a member of the Guyana Defense Force and two of the men relatives, whom they had visited from the same area on Pagwah Day.

And based upon a thorough evaluation of the evidence that were before them, police had no other choice but to charge the men with simple larceny of the vehicle mirrors.

They are expected to appear before magistrate Clive Nurse at the Wales Magistrate’s Court on Monday 20 March.

The charges in itself would certainly insinuate that the two men had indeed stolen the mirrors and (threw it under another vehicle) as residents were claiming before allegedly inflicting blows on one of the two.

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The men’s story first came to light after several local news outlets published their claims that they were attacked and beaten because they were two strange black men in a predominantly Indo-Guyanese community.

At the time, many observers had questioned why only two of the five Afro-Guyanese persons in the area at the time were attacked allegedly along racial lines, while three others, including a woman and a soldier of African descent were left unharmed, and as key witnesses.

Nonetheless, the men’s allegations of racial profiling ruled local social media, and subsequently pushed public anger to a test point where open accusations of racial hostility were made, prompting the Social Cohesion Ministry to appeal for calm.

But a subsequent police investigation and an official statement from the lawmen swiftly debunked the men’s claims.

However, supporters of the men are crying foul and had been throwing accusations of a cover-up, while protesting that the missing side-view mirrors may be a make-up story.