Last evening, bandits broke into the Beacon Seventh-day Adventist church in Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, and made off with many items deemed essential to the operations of the church.

The discovery was made at around 7:00 this morning by some members who opened the building to conduct an activity.

The Guyana Guardian understands that upon entering the building, the members noticed a mattress at the entrance, while several sections of the interior were very much ransacked.

They then alerted other members of the church, who subsequently summoned the police.

Four persons were reportedly arrested, with one being released, according to sources.

the stolen articles included curtains, baptismal gowns, sacred communion utensils, and grocery items stored for the church’s community feeding initiative and food distribution programme.

Speaking with this publication, several members of the church explained that this incident was the third time that bandits have broken into their place of worship.

On the previous break-ins, a PA system, gas bottle, gas stove, pots, a large carpet, flowers, and curtains were carted off by the bandits.

A senior official of the church lamented that due to the incident, efforts and resources will have to be placed for the replacement of the stolen items, adding that they are vital for the functioning of the church.

Others lamented that the sanctity of a church no longer seems to be a consideration these days, especially for those who choose to defy their conscience and break into a place of worship, obviously for their own evil ends.