A man who used tricks to lure women into having sex with him, … well against their will, ….. will now have to spend 30 more years in jail after a sentencing judge told him that his tricks have caught up with him.

In response, the man, 38-year-old Troy Webster, who is already serving a 10-year-sentence for fraud said “I am shocked, but I have to accept the decision of the jury. The jury and the State had to do what they had to do based on the statement given by the victim.”

In his lengthy statement to the court, the convict extended a sincere apology to the victim stating that he was sorry for all the hurt or pain he caused her, but maintained that he did not have sex with the woman without her consent.

The facts of the case state that on November 21, 2015, Webster engaged in sexual penetration with the woman without her consent.

Prosecutor Tiffini Lyken said that Webster is currently serving a 10 years jail sentence after he was convicted of defrauding six women of their monies. That sentence was handed down last year August.

Justice Jo-Ann Barlow who sentenced him to 30 years imprisonment, reminded him that the victim testified that he used one trick after another to lure her into his trap.

Justice Barlow further stated that “This is not the first time you have used bold and daring tactics to get what you want.”

What was more shocking to the man is the fact that the Judge has directed that after serving his current 10-year sentence, he will have to start his 30-year jail sentence.