Franz Paul, the Cadet Officer who was freed a few weeks ago after compensating a young man who he had shot in the mouth, has found himself in more hot water after he allegedly pointed a gun to his reputed wife and threatened to kill her.

According to a missive from the Guyana Police Force, Paul who has been interdicted from duty as a result of a shooting incident in which he had placed a gun into the mouth of a young man and pulled the trigger, apparently decided to try the same stunt with his wife this morning.

It is understood that at around 5am today, Paul had a misunderstanding with his wife at their second street, Alexander Village home.

As a result of the misunderstanding, the interdicted policeman became angry and loaded a firearm with 13 live rounds and then pointed the weapon at his wife who quickly moved aside and bravely held on to his arm, before managing to wrestle the gun away from him.

She then threw the weapon over to a neighbour who swiftly went to the police station where a report was filed.

During the melee, the policeman’s arm was broken and he was then taken to the hospital, where it was encased in plaster-of-Paris.

An investigation has since determined that the weapon that the lawman had was an illegal one for which he had no license to carry.

The Guyana Police Force was quick to point out that Officer Paul is not currently on active duty, since his reinstatement is awaiting a decision from the Police Service Commission.

(Photo by: Propaganda Press)