A truck driver who was accused of driving a motor lorry in a dangerous manner on the East Bank public road, and which resulted in a young woman losing her right leg, was yesterday brought before Magistrate Annette Singh at the providence Magistrate court to answer a charge of dangerous driving.

According to police, on Saturday 3 December 2016 at about 20:00 hrs, Devindra Raghu was driving motor lorry GVV 6306 on the public road at Herstelling on the EBD in a dangerous manner, and collided with a minibus.

Additional particulars of the police facts established that the lorry which was driven by Raghu was heading north on the western carriageway at Herstelling during slothful traffic; – But without care or caution, the lorry driver made unlawful efforts to overtake a number of vehicles.

However, because of insufficient overtaking space on the western carriageway, part of the lorry ended up on the eastern carriageway, which resulted in an oncoming minibus colliding with a section of Raghu’s lorry.

This caused the minibus to become uncontrollable, and subsequently hitting a lamp post, resulting in injuries to several passengers, including Shelly Thompson who lost her right leg.

After listening to the police particulars and submissions made by defense counsel, Magistrate Singh placed the defendant on $200,000 bail.

He is scheduled to return to court on the 25 January 2017 for statements on the matter.