By: Dennis E. Adonis

Georgetown, Guyana; – Cuban Ambassador to Guyana Julio César González Marchante today renewed his country’s call for an unequivocal removal of the United States embargo against Cuba.

The Ambassador was at the time addressing a press conference where he touched on a range of issues, including his country’s resistance of the continued embargo.

Notably known in Cuba as El bloque, but to the Western world as “The United States Embargo against Cuba”, the more than fifty years blockade had outlived more than ten US Presidents, and has remained a ever-ripping torn in the side of US-Cuba relations.

The embargo has in essence banned mostly any US company or person from doing business with Cuba, and had provided for severe penalties and punishments, or even imprisonment for persons operating in breach of the blockade.

The United States had argued that the blockade was a necessity in order to force Cuba to restore democracy and for it to end political oppression of the Cuban people.

But the Cuban Government had repeatedly rubbished this claim, while insisting that the embargo is nothing more than an imperialist effort to colonize and exert control over the Cuban people and the resources of Cuba.

While admitting that U.S President Barack Obama would have expressed an intent to restore trade relations with Havana, he stressed that the President’s commitment are a far cry from the reality of what is actually taking place now.

From non-implementation of many of the United States promises, to slothful and partial implementation of others, the Ambassador maintained that a more meaningful approach must be made by the United States Congress if the country is serious in its intents to end the embargo.

Earlier this year, by way of several executive orders, the United States had announced that it will restore certain classes of relations with Cuba, as endorsed by President Barack Obama.

Though Obama’s initiative would as for now go down as the most dramatic breakthrough in the icy annals of the United States policy on Cuba, its non endorsement by the US Congress or implementation outside of a bill would mean that the breakthrough can be reversed at any time in the future.

US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump had already expressed an inclination to reverse the Obama thawing policy on Cuba, if he should find his way into the White House.

The United States is the only country in the world with a known direct blockade against Cuba.
Most countries including Guyana have been mostly sympathetic towards Cuba and have repeatedly called on the United States via various resolutions and diplomatic channels to bring an end to the Embargo.