Ryan Roberts, a 37-year-old Moruca man who told his mother that he was going on an errand to the shop on the 30 December 2017, never returned home as promised.

Instead, he disappeared without a trace, leaving his relatives and members of the Hurradiah Village, Which is located at Moruca in the North West District, in suspense.

However, the mystery behind his disappearance came to an end at around 10am yesterday, after his body was discovered in a partially decomposed state by a handful of villagers.

According to a police statement, the body was found in a sitting position, but with one end of a string around the neck, and the other fastened to the branch of a tree.

But because of the decomposed state of the body, the lawmen were forced to bury it at the location, with the intention of exhuming it later this week when a Post Morten examination can be done.

While the presence of the string around the neck seems to initially give the impression of a suicide, a retired Homicide Investigator who had previously handled several cases at the Guyana police force, suggested that the position of the corpse can also suggest that the crime scene was staged.

Either way, the Police is actively investigating the matter in an effort to determine how the man had met his demise.