Guyana Guardian – A man claiming to be a relative of Sasenarine Deopersad, the 66-year-old Guyanese man who was gunned down under mysterious circumstances yesterday in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, is of the view that the pensioner may have been killed under the instructions of a named family member who allegedly wants to covet the man’s property in Guyana.

Deopersad was killed mere hours after he had arrived in Trinidad yesterday.

This publication had reported (in another article HERE) that the Guyanese pensioner was allegedly invited by a relative to travel to Trinidad and Tobago for a vacation.

But when Deopersad arrived yesterday morning aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight in Trinidad, another man received him instead, and took him to the Grand Diamond Hotel which is located along the North Bank Road, at Piarco.

It is believed that the Guyanese man may have been told to wait there until his relative come to pick him up.

It was further reported that about four hours after the man had dropped off Deonarine at the hotel, he received a phone call in his hotel room, instructing him to come downstairs and wait in front of the hotel.

Eager to meet his relative, the old man immediately complied and went outside of the hotel, where he waited as was instructed.

However, within a minute of his waiting, a car pulled up, and a gunman pumped several bullets into Deonarine’s body, killing him on the spot.

Crime scene detectives quickly arrived and took control of the scene, where a doctor officially confirmed that the Guyanese man is dead.

His body was then escorted to the San Fernando Hospital mortuary, where it is awaiting a post-mortem examination.

But even so, one relative who identified himself only as Mohan, and who said he had witnessed arrangements being made for the man to be taken to the airport at Timehri early yesterday morning, is adamant that the pensioner was set up by a relative, who supposedly has a power of attorney for two of the man’s properties in Guyana, in addition, to his bank account.

“Dem Kill De Big Man Yesterday Fuh He Property”, says the seemingly distressed man, when asked why would he believe that the relative had arranged Deonarine’s murder.

The relative whom he named, is currently living in Trinidad and Tobago, and is said to be very much eager to return to Guyana and open a business.

Mohan is asking the police in Trinidad and Guyana to take a more thorough look at the case, since the pieces of the puzzles are available to lead them straight to the main architect of the man’s murder.