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“Donkey nose hole” remanded to prison

Accused serial bandit Shemroy Hackett called "Donkey nose hole", hides his face while being escorted to a holding cell by Assistant Superintendent of Police John SinghAccused serial bandit Shemroy Hackett called "Donkey nose hole", hides his face while being escorted to a holding cell by Assistant Superintendent of Police John Singh

By Odella Patterson

(Guyana Guardian) Alleged gang member Shemroy Hackett, popularly known as ‘Donkey nose hole,’ was remanded to prison after an appearance yesterday at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court, before presiding Magistrate Zamilla Alli-Seepaul,.

He was at the time being arraigned on a series of charges for crimes which the police claimed that he had committed over a period of three months.

According to police, on Friday 1st July 2016 at Enmore , being armed with a handgun, Hackette robbed Chinese supermarket proprietor Xie Thi Fang of one iPhone 6 valued at $160,000, a quantity of phone cards value $100,000, and $120,000 cash, all being at a total value of $388,000.

Police further claimed that on Thursday 7th July, 2016, at Coldingen East Coast Demerara, Hackette robbed Chen-Bi- Fen, another Chinese proprietor of $50,000 Cash, and $8,000 in phone cards.

His crime spree did not ended there, as police claimed that on the 4th August at Vryhied Lust, East Coast Demerara, in the company of others, he used a handgun to rob kizziam Windsor of one cell phone value $50,000.

Then on Wednesday 24th August, he allegedly strike with other gang members at Vryhied Lust, East Coast Demerara again, and robbed Elisabeth Lindy of one cell phone valued at $22,000, in addition $360,000 in cash which she had secured for her employer Cho Fei.

As if that wasn’t enough, the 27 year old man and his gang allegedly made a brazen robbery sweep at Enmore, East Coast Demerara on Monday last where he used a handgun to rob Hamid Ameer Ramlagan of $3 million, one Taurus pistol valued at $180,000, fifteen .32 ammunition value $3000, a quantity of gold jewelry value $2 million, and one DVR System; all with a total value of $5,383,000.

After the execution of that robbery, a police patrol claimed that they had engaged the suspect and his men who were escaping in a car that they had hijacked from another Enmore resident.
But the men returned fire, abandoned the vehicle and fled to the Bare Root, Paradise East Coast Demerara backlands where Hackette lives.

As a result, police further charged Hackett with a series of gun related crimes.

The first charge in that category stated that on Monday 29th August at Enmore on the East Coast of Demerara, the alleged bandit had in his possession 12 rounds of ammunition, without being the holder of a firearm license.

It is also allege that on the same day he unlawfully had in his possession a 9mm pistol without being the holder of a firearm license.

And just when court observers thought that the alleged criminal had a full plate of charges, the Magistrate proceeded to read yet another serious charge which stated that on Thursday 7th July 2016, at Bachelors Adventure, East Coast Demerara, he allegedly discharged a loaded firearm at Police Constable 20267 Marvin Richards, and Lance Corporal 19286 Hilton Bejamin, with intent to maim, disfigure, disable or cause them grievous bodily harm.

The accused subsequently pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul then examined the question of bail for the accused, to which the Police prosecutor Corporal Sherlock King vehemently objected.
According the Prosecutor the defendant is likely to face many more charges jointly with others as those files are yet to be completed by the investigating ranks.
He also stressed that the defendant should not be allowed to go back into the streets before trial because of the number of crimes he allegedly committed, and the gravity of those crimes which gives an indication that he would more than likely committed additional crimes or may even harm witnesses who would have to give evidence against him.

In his response to questions by the Magistrate pertaining to his bail assessment, a smiling Hackette told the court that he has an unborn child, while admitting to being charged for robbery in the past, and also being found guilty before for narcotics possession.

However, he claimed that he is a mason by profession, and has no knowledge of the many crimes for which he has been charged.

But after taking all factors into account, the Magistrate decided to remand the accused to prison.

nevertheless, because of the number of charges from different districts that the man was facing, the magistrate was forced to assign some of the cases to the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court for the 18 October, the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court for the 19 October, and the Vigilance Magistrates Court for the 30 of September.

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