In an effort to better deliver our online news content, and wanting to bring our news portal in line with newly implemented international standards, the Guyana Guardian is currently remodeling its website.

When completed, the new design will offer our users a readability and browsing experiencing that is second to none locally, and will reduce mobile users bandwidth levels, while cutting page loading time by 50%.

The redesign process has already started on the back end of our web site since Monday (16 October), and is expected to take between seven to ten days before the new website is deployed.

Regrettably, because of the scope of the redesign to be done, and the deployment of new databases to handle faster content processing, no additional news content will be posted on our website until the designers and database engineers are through.

That being said, we wish to reiterate that no new content will be posted again until around October 25. During that time, the site might appear to be offline for several hours at a time, while the front end design will not change until the engineers are finished with the remodeling process at the back-end.

But in the end, we promise that you will love the new look, and the fact that our news portal will load twice as fast, while costing you less mobile data.

And to top it off, we have three additional reporters with years of experienced and insights to introduce to you. And of course, we are confident that you will love the content that they will be bringing to you.

So again, there is no need to panic, if you are not seeing any new content.

Simply come back again on October 25, and let us give you our loyal readers, a new look and feel that you will certainly fall in love with.