While you won’t be able to defy gravity, or stare back at the beauty of planet earth from outer space, you can certainly have a surreal view of what the surface of the moon (and possibly Mars) would actually look (and feel?) like.

And if that is enough for your outer space desires, then you definitely need to take a trip to the Valley of the Moon; – a unique moon-like landscape that runs for several square miles in the Coastal African nation of Angola.

The valley, which is located just over forty kilometers from Angola’s capital city of Lusaka was named the “Valley of the Moon”, because its flaming coloured ground-surface soil actually feels and look like the soil matter that is found on the moon, in addition to Mars, and possibly a few other outer space planets.

Visitors to the site have always left to wonder how and from where the Valley’s unique soil composition could have come from.

And the only illustrative reference that has been repeatedly used to describe this strange Angolan landscape is that of the moon, hence the reason for its name.

So, if strange landscapes and geographical amazements are things that can thrill you, then you certainly need to let Angola’s Valley of the Moon, be an integral part of your Africa adventure.