A 46-year-old man with Guyanese roots was remanded to prison yesterday in neighbouring Trinidad, after he was hauled before the court for conducting a fake marriage to a 15-year-old child on April Fools Day, and then sexually assaulting her under the pretext that he was her husband.

The court heard that the man, Irsaan Najmudeen, caused the teen to participate in a bogus marriage ceremony on the 1st April this year, leading the teen to believe that she was legally married to him.

The marriage ceremony was said to be done according to Muslim Rites and without the knowledge of her parents.

The child then continued the relationship with her bogus ‘husband’ who resides at Robin Trace, Fishing Pond, Sangre Grande’, obviously unaware that she was conned.

Even when investigators got involved in the matter, the child was strongly stuck with the belief that she was married, but no proper evidence was found to ascertain that this was so.

Najmudeen appeared before a magistrate at the Sangre Grande Magistrate’s court yesterday (27th September) and was refused bail on the sexual assault charge.

He will make his next court appearance on Monday 1st October, where a bail hearing will be conducted before a judge.