Georgetown, Guyana; – In light of his dramatic capture in Suriname just under two weeks ago, a woman who has been holding herself out as a relative of convicted drug trafficker Barry Dataram is claiming that arrangements were being made with “his attorney” Glen Hanoman for him to return and surrender to Guyanese authorities.

“He bin done talk to Hanoman aready fuh come in and done this whole thing, but then Suriname dem hold he fus” (TRANSLATED: He had already spoken to his attorney Mr. Hanoman to turn himself in and resolve the entire matter but he was arrested by Surinamese authorities before he could have done so), said the woman, who became hostile when this publication attempted to record her statements.

When told that it is public knowledge that Attorney-at-Law Glen Hanoman had withdrawn his services as counsel for the accused, the woman simply refused to deny or acknowledge this.

She maintained that “her cousin” was being jailed because he allegedly refused to hand over a large sum of money as inducement to CANU whom she claimed had subsequently framed him.
When asked to provide the evidence so that the Guyana Guardian can investigate the matter (possibly to her cousin’s benefit), the woman ‘upbraided’ this publication for ‘its failure for ‘not finding out from Ramjattan and Hanoman first’ before going to her.

A notorious drug baron, Dataram and his wife were captured in Suriname on Friday 14 October 2016, after that country’s law enforcement authorities had acted on information that was provided to them by a US. communications’ intelligence agency.
At the time, he was a fugitive from the Guyanese justice system after he had skipped bail upon the conclusion of a trial, at which he was found guilty, but made a decision to flee Guyana before a Magistrate’s five year sentencing decision could have been handed down.

After his capture, he was returned to Guyana where he was handed an additional three years prison term for several new charges which stemmed from his escape into Suriname.