Admitting that they are indeed interested in an international scam involving two offshore universities in Guyana, and one in Barbados, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are now taking a closer look at the operators and operations of several offshore universities in Guyana and the Caribbean.

A usually reliable source with connections to the FBI Field Office in New York has told the Guyana Guardian that, the investigative body automatically has an interest because of the fact that at least two of the students who are affected by the fraud, are American citizens that were residing in India with their respective parents.

It is also part of the wider responsibility of the FBI to look into money laundering cases, where stolen or fraudulently obtained monies were directly or indirectly funnelled through the US banking system.

Calling it a billion dollar a year fraud industry, Former FBI agent Allen Ezell estimates that half of the new PhDs issued every year in the U.S. are fake, while more than 75% of the Masters and Phd’s issued in other countries outside of the US are believed to be fake.

Since helping to close down dozens of offshore universities outside of the US over the years, the Feds have repeatedly pointed to a network of people, ranging from Ministers of government to Diplomats of many foreign nations corruptly cashing in one way or the other, in exchange for aiding the establishment and operations of degree mills, which often parades with questionable accreditation statuses or political endorsements.

It is believed that at least 50 new offshore universities are established every year, with more than 95% of them being set up by operatives from India or Pakistan.

In Guyana’s case, every single offshore university that is operating here and in the rest of the Caribbean is owned by Indian citizens posing as foreign investors, and who largely recruits students from India and the African continent.

The United States believes that corruption and a lax accreditation system have made Guyana an attractive territory for foreigners wishing to set up offshore medical universities, which is often used as a front to traffic students for a fee, and to also obtain money by fraud.

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