(Guyana Guardian) – A gang of bandits made up of only women who called themselves the “Wakware Babies”, has now made it almost impossible for most men to walk through certain areas within Bombolulu and most of the Kisauni constituency in Mombassa, Kenya.

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From Pastors to farmers, the gang of women showed no mercy to some of the men that they attacked, and had killed most of their male victims in the process.

Now, Kenyan police are trying to understand whether it is a direct hatred for men or other reasons why members of the all-female Wakware Babies are attacking and killing mostly males, at nights.

Thinking that they can end the women crime streak, Kenyan police have killed more than a dozen of the women during gunfights and other confrontations over the past several weeks, but somehow, the all-female gang has been growing larger.

According to the Daily Nation, a newspaper in Kenya, “In March alone, at least eight suspected members of the gangs were killed in Kisauni, Likoni and Nyali constituencies.”

Interestingly, every time the police killed one of the gang women, a large number of men would usually gather to celebrate.

In so far, except for the ones that are dead, police are never lucky to capture any of the women alive.

Strangely enough, the police had initially gained the co-operation from other law-abiding women in the Mombassa area, but now have to back-pedal after two female constituents were stripped and beaten by the gang for betraying their female kind and for being informants.

This has since resulted in the gang now attacking females too.

While the gang had first banned men from walking late at nights, they have now also extended the ban to women.

Ironically, the police in Mombassa, being almost unable to overcome the tyranny of the gang, among others, followed suit further and banned residents from holding any street weddings, birthday celebrations, parties or any other function outside of a secured building at nights, later than 11pm.

Bars and clubs are also only to be operated in daylight and to remain closed at nights.

But several members of the public have criticized the police for being lax and lazy, and is urging them to do their job.

They are insisting that the largely all-male police should come out of hiding and confront the problem, so that their communities can be made safe again.

That particular district in Kenya has been struggling with different types of gang violence for several years now.

In 2016, there was a gang of men that once targeted women and would often sexually abuse them.

As such, some women are supportive of the all-female gangs, which is said to be two in number now, since they feel that they are less likely to be harmed by the women in that part of Kenya.

However there are many other women who feel otherwise, and wants the gangs, whether all-female or not, to be disbanded, since they are other gangs that have several young men who target and rob women, and is surviving alongside the same female gangs.

(NOTE: Photo above post is of latest gang-leader to be killed by Kenyan police)

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