When a man walks out of a relationship without much warning, women are sometimes left in a quandary as they struggle to find an explanation for his unceremonious exit.

For anyone, an unwanted separation in itself is already a travesty. But an unwanted separation from a relationship without any warning (or so it seems) is often worse since the dumped individual would have been both emotionally and psychologically ill prepared for such a devastating experience.

But even so, as in the case of a woman, swift closure, emotional healing, and the ability to easily move on would be an elusive and tormenting process without an explanation as to why their partner would have walked out of their relationship without any prior warning.

And when no clear answers are thrown at them, the only and most psychologically comforting thing that women do is to simply blame the walkout on an old flame, or some other woman that she had confronted her man about a few months ago.

But in most cases, men walk away from their relationships for some of the strangest of reasons, which are sometimes difficult for even them to explain, and even more seemingly outrageous for a woman to accept.

And while there can be a 101 other reason why a man may walk out of his marriage, here is an interesting list of everyday reasons that you will probably find too hard to digest.

1 – You are no longer attractive

A common mistake that women in relationships make is sticking with the fairy tale thought that they would forever be the most attractive woman in the world to their husband.

But repeated research has shown that the emotional element of physical attraction towards another person is temporary especially in a case where you were able to indulge with the person that you are attracted to over a long period of time.

And unless there are other evolving elements about that person to sustain our attraction to them for a longer time frame, then your excitement over that person’s attractiveness or physical appearance would fade with time.

In actuality, a thirty-year-old woman would not have the same physical attributes and aura that her partner would have found her with at age 20. Hence, as nature would have it, his interest and excitement over your appearance would naturally dwindle.

From a now sagging breast to a bulgy tummy, and an out of sync sex drive, men can easily get wary of your physical attributes that he may have once adored. Hence his interest in your overall physical self would psychologically drive his manly hormones to a state of disinterest.

Therefore if you are one of those dreamers who think that you would forever remain the most attractive woman in the world to your husband throughout the passage of time, then be rest assured that it takes just about three to four years for your husband’s eyes to become wary of your morning face.

And in such a case, a man ironically walk out of a relationship simply because he is not attracted to you anymore. But of course, he would not make it his duty to tell you anyhow.

2 – He has outgrown the relationship

Women often indulge in a relationship with the thought that she owns her partner’s freedom and can make it difficult or far=reaching for him to abandon their marriage.

But research has also shown that men often treat relationships and their marriages like a seasonal phenomenon, especially if he is not intertwined with the necessary progressing elements of that marriage.

So while it may have been good to enjoy a woman’s warmth and commitment in the winter, men tend to outgrow their cuddling and touch by the time it reaches the relationship’s psychological summer.

For professional marriage counselors, this type of toy-wary mentally is quite common among men, as they often do not find comfort in sticking with the general modus operandi of a relationship, especially if it curtails his preference of how flexible the relationship or marriage should be.

But just like a toy, the small-minded thinking of men often makes them disinterested in coming home to the same woman for the rest of their lives, or having to content with the same scenario day in and day out, in as much that they perceive those patterns as a stagnated element to their manly freedom.

Hence, they are often willing to forsake the seemingly stagnated state of the relationship and move forward to a relationship that will supposedly fit in with his comforts, or that is more tolerable to his behavioral changes.

3 – You are too naggy, nosey and miserable

There are some women who often stick their noses into other people’s affairs much more, they are supposed to focus on their own.

Every day that her husband walks through the door he can hear her babbling on the phone about someone else’s affairs or always want to drag her man into her babbling circle when he actually doesn’t like it.

At other times, she always nags and complains about every little thing, or is simply just miserable enough to make her man prefer his days in a bar.

Well just in case you don’t know it, a man would faster run away from a nagging, nosey and miserable wife, than he would have abandoned an unfaithful one.

4 – Your relatives are ruling the relationship

Women are repeatedly failing to understand that their husbands do not want to have their wive’s friends and family being the center of their relationship.

And if you are the type of woman who has to give your nosey mother a daily update on your marital challenges, and marriage plans, or have a penchant to consult with your two-timing best friend on how to deal with your husband’s infidelity, then rest assure that your man might already be tying his shoe lace in preparation for a complete run away from you.

After all, if nothing else, men hate (and I repeat, hate) the idea of a woman’s relatives or friends being the decision makers, influencers, and the centerpiece of his marriage.

So if there is no sugar in your house today, or you husband is flirting with a 19-year-old chic down the street, consider whether it is actually a healthy marital decision to discuss this with your mom or your best friend.

Because you might have to act on an advice that you might be instigating your husband to leave rather than to stay.

5 – He is fed up of your drift from your obligations.

On many occasions, women are often psychologically forced to give their hubby a long term cold shoulder, which usually entails withdrawing themselves from handling basic domestic obligations such as cooking, washing, sexual gratification, or emotional support to their husband.

This is usually because a wife might be genuinely protesting her dissatisfaction with many elements of her marriage or might be wanting to press home a point to her partner.

And while this may not be unusual in many relationships, it can still evolve into an irritant to a man who has to content with sexual starvation, unnecessary hunger and emotional torment for a prolong period of time.

Unlike women who would often find a way to remain in a silent treatment relationship with their husband, the same cannot be said for men.

By comparison, a man can quickly become disenchanted with a wife who deliberately ignores even the most basic of her marital obligations, or who may have even innocently drifted away from it.

And rather than talking it out or letting you know that he is offended by your conduct, a man is usually ridiculous enough to simply walk out of the relationship without warning or without uttering a single word to you.


While the above reasons for a man’s silent departure from a relationship are not extensive or do not cover every single scenario that can provoke such an action, it nonetheless forms an interesting account of some of the supposedly simple and unexpected reasons why a man can ironically melt his way out of your life.

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