The body of a Venezuelan man, who perished while trying to swim over to Guyana yesterday via the Wenamu River in search of food, has been found about an hour ago, in close proximity to the area where he had gone under.

It was discovered floating at about 1:30PM today by a Guyanese boat captain, who gave his name as “Cow”.

The body was found close to the bank of the same Wenamu river, on the Venezuelan side of the border.

The Guyana Guardian had reported yesterday that the man whose name has been given as Chavo, met his demise after deciding to join his countrymen on their daily quest to swim over to Guyana in an effort to source food for their families.

However, Chavo, who was not a good swimmer began to experience difficulties while trying to cross the river which separates Venezuela from Guyana.

Other members of the group that successfully crossed over to Guyana, had told this publication that before anyone of them could have rendered assistance, the man disappeared under the river, which is generally rough and can rise at very high levels at various points during the day.

A gold miner from the area, whose name has been given as Dougla, had told the Guyana Guardian that after the incident he immediately directed one of the men who had survived the crossing, to go to the Kaikan Police Station on the Guyana side of the border where he filed a report.

Other miners were able to confirm that a joint services team subsequently combed the river for several miles, but came back empty-handed.

The man’s body has since been handed over to the Captain of the San Wan community on the Venezuelan side.

It is understood that the matter will be addressed by authorities in Venezuela who will decide whether to hand the body over to the man’s family, who may be living several miles away, or simply bury it at the border community.