(Guyana Guardian); – Reports coming from usually reliable sources has indicated that operatives of the Special Organize Crime United (SOCU) had earlier arrested Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, Ms. Lisaveta Ramotar, who happens to be the daughter of former President Donald Ramotar, in addition to former Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon.

While their arrest are said to be related to an investigation into fraudulently obtained state assets (Pradoville 2), no formal announcement has been made by SOCU.

Luncheon was arrested at the office of the Leader of the Opposition by investigators, where the whereabouts of other previous government officials who had benefitted from Pradoville 2 under the PPP are also being sought.

The Guyana Guardian was reliably informed that several other former Ministers and persons accused of benefitting from the alleged fraud against the State are also expected to be arrested.


  1. Wonderful I would like to see more of these fraudsters arrested and convicted. Also some of us in the current govt. who built on my relatives land over the Demerara river. When placed in a position of trust, one should be circumspect I their actions.

  2. Dear Editor

    President Gringer and PM Nagamoottoo show their ugly political side. They are on a utopian witch hunting. This is a dismal political culture that the duo nurture. Their political capital will soon disintegrate.

    At the moment, Guyana needs social and economic transformation and not wasting the taxpayers’ moneys on some lousy trumped up and politically motivated vendetta against the former government leadership. What a stupid show of political power and strength.

    They are wallowing in the filth that is being reeked up. Such mediocre politicians with low mental and intellectual and political capability must be shown the exit door to get lost.

    If it is not done immediately, Guyana will become a failed state and third or forth world backwater. With Gringer and Nagamoottoo at the helm, the dreadful trajectory is imminent in Guyana.

    Yours faithfully


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