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Four new faces added to Guardian’s elite team of journalists


As part of its plan to break away from being a subscriber-only newspaper to a standard print tabloid for ordinary vendor resale from September, the Guyana Guardian has decided to strengthen the quality of its news content by adding some of the best minds in journalism and content analysis in Guyana, to its news team.

And of course we are more than proud to briefly introduce them to you, our loyal readers.

Ms. Tanuja Raikha

Ms. Tanuja Raikha

Ms. Tanuja Raikha is an experienced investigative journalist, a television personality, and a Sub-Editor major at the London School of Journalism.

Now serving as an Assistant Editor at the Guyana Guardian, she primarily focuses on crime, breaking news events, and investigative content.

Since joining the Guyana Guardian, Ms. Raikha has significantly transformed the publication’s approach to breaking news events, and has been a steadfast contributor to the development of it’s readership count.


Ms. Alieca James

Ms. Alieca James

Ms. Alieca James is an aspiring lawyer who holds a Law degree from the University of London.

She serves as an Editorial assistant and legal journalist at the Guyana Guardian with primary focus on court reporting, social issues, family, and women empowerment.

Since becoming a member of the elite team of journalists at the Guardian, Ms. James has redefined the publication’s focus on women issues and social commentary.



Dennis Adonis lll

Dennis Adonis lll

Dennis Adonis 111 has acquired an education in International Criminal Law from Case Western University (United States), and is another aspiring Lawyer who also has an avid interest in human rights, environmental law and constitutional law.

In despite of this, the news media has always captivated his interest, and has become an area where he intends to dedicate some of his energies until he is appropriately qualified to be called to the bar.

Recently appointed as the Diaspora News Liaison at the Guyana Guardian, Adonis is tasked with ensuring that the Guardian also covers and publishes news worthy content from the diaspora, primarily for online syndication.


Onix Duncan

Onix Duncan

Onix Duncan has made a name for himself as one of the leading personalities in modern theatre arts and drama in Guyana.

A qualified dramatist, he is also the Public Relations Officer of the National Drama Company of Guyana, and President of the Moravian Youth Council in Guyana.

Now serving as an esteemed journalist at the Guyana Guardian, Mr. Duncan primarily focuses on current affairs, youth, culture, and entertainment.

While the above are the publication’s newest additions to its news team, it is expected to appoint a US-trained Senior Editor in a few weeks, who also has several years’ experience in print journalism.

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  1. Tamera Thompson | 2017-08-10 at 4:14 pm | Reply

    Congratulations to you all especially Onix Duncan😘

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