When Guyanese Pilot Khamraj Lall had first launched the Exec Jet Club back in 2013, several local media outlets including the state media and government officials were quick to point out that the businessman had served for 15 years as a flight instructor at the Ringwood Airport in the United States.

While everyone had basically run with that information without even bothering to check it out, it turns out that such an airport (Ringwood Airport) did not even exist or had ever existed in the United States.

What was certain was that the now disgraced pilot was from Ringwood in the United States (which again, do not have an airport).

The only airport where such a name popped up is in Australia.

But after a week of repeated checks with the authorities there, they were all certain that Khemraj Lall never worked there and had never flown there. Moreover, their immigration records seem to doubt that the Guyanese pilot had ever been to Australia.

It was also reported by some that the businessman has been providing knowledge-based support to the Greenwood Lake Airport, also in the United States.

But the authorities there similarly said that they have never heard of Khamraj Lall, much more to have had engaged with him or any of his companies.

Now, US federal prosecutors want to use that information to convince the court not to believe Lall, and to promote him as a businessman who would lie and distort information about himself to cause others to believe that he is genuine and sincere in his dealings.

For them, the Guyanese businessman is not the happy-go-lucky fella that his defense attorneys want the court to believe.

But if they succeed in convincing the court, then it will certainly mean that the bogus information that Lall had used to promote himself online in those days, has certainly turned around to haunt him in another way, today.