Allegations of corruption and collusion took centre stage this morning at the Vigilance Magistrate’s court compound after a man who is accused of chopping another with a cutlass was said to have fled to Cayenne, after being tipped off by the police.

When the charge of Wounding against the accused Darlan Ferguson was called before Magistrate Peter Hugh at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court this morning, controversy immediately arose over the real name of the accuse, with one Attorney pointing out that the man’s real name was Jamal Ferguson, rather than Darlan and Jarlan that was on the police record.

After some clarification, the court decided to call the accused to appear by either names, but no one showed up.

It was then that an indication was made that the accused had fled the country backtrack, in an effort to escape prosecution.

When Magistrate Peter Hugh asked the police why the man was released without a recognizance, the prosecutor could not explain why the ranks at Cove and John choose to release the fugitive without securing any assurances to make sure that he comes to court.

However, a fireman and a businessman with whom the matter was involved was caused to sign a recognizance, and also had to appear on a counter-charge, which their Attorney labeled as “trumped up”.

Ms. Sedella Ferrell, Attorney for the fireman and the Golden Grove businessman has since noted the discrepancy and plans to approach the Office of Professional Responsibility and the soon-to-be-constitute Police Service Commission (PSC), so that an investigation can be launched to determine whether there was indeed any collusion between the Cove and John Police and the fugitive.

The matter was being investigated by a Constable Mason, and ASP Primus, both of whom were cited for possible corrupt dealings.

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