A multi-million dollar lawsuit that was filed against the Guyana Chronicle (GNNL), Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Nigel Williams, staff writer Ravin Singh, and Online news Editor Fareeza Haniff for a combined total of two hundred million Guyana dollars has taken a new twist since the defendants have repeatedly failed to file a defense.

The lawsuit was filed against the defendants in January of this year by International Journalist and author Dennis Adonis, who had leveled defamation claims against the State-owned newspaper and its staffers.

However, since serving the defendants with a statement of claim in which he sought to establish the defamations, and justify why he should be awarded G$200 million dollars (or the equivalent of US$1 million), the defendants have repeatedly fail to provide a single piece of defense to the court.

Attorney at Law Gino Persaud had originally entered an appearance at the high court for the defendants, but has never made any further representations.

The case against the defendants is said to be now left in open-order.

That being the scenario, attorneys for the plaintiff (Dennis Adonis) has now move to file a notice of default against the defendants in the matter, and will subsequently make efforts to have the matter resolved ex parte.

In such a case, judgment can be subsequently granted against defendants.

Questioned on his thoughts about the defendants repeated failure to file a defense in response to his lawsuit; Adonis, who is also the Editor-in-Chief at the Guyana Guardian, suggested that the defendants certainly do not have any; hence they might as well focus more on how they would find $200 million to compensate him for their stupidity.