(Guyana Guardian) – Legendary Jamaican dancehall artiste Ninja Man, says that it is quite hypocritical for many Jamaican to be criticizing gay people when Jamaicans are actually wearing brand name clothes that were inspired by gays.

He was at the time responding to an ongoing controversy in Jamaica where Grammy-nominated reggae superstar Jah Cure is being roasted for wearing what is considered to be women clothing.

Many Jamaicans on social media have since accused Jah Cure of being sympathetic towards gay people.

Several other artists including Beenie Man and Sean Paul were also heavily criticized in recent times for attiring themselves in clothes that are considered feminine.

While some were quick to label Jah Cure and others as a “batty boy”; – Ninja Man, arguably one of Jamaica’s most influential recording artist, has since urged the public to leave people and their choice of clothing alone.

He was adamant that Jah Cure’s choice of clothing did not make him a “batty boy”.

As a matter of fact, Ninja Man went at length to provide a new shocking explanation of what the Jamaican slang really meant.

In a video statement, he pointed out that “people must understand that there is a difference between a ‘batty boy’ and a homosexual”.

According to his description of the term; –  a “batty boy is a man who like to pull his own brethren down, sells himself out, gossip about people, fight down people, always criticizing and finding faults in people, live like a hater, live like a cut-throat, holds vicious envy against his brethren, and is holding down a dirty life”.

He stressed that notwithstanding the word, a homosexual is different, in that many of them live their gay lives without imposing on others, while making a meaningful contribution to global commerce, including fashion.

“As a matter of fact, homosexuals are the best clothes designers in the world”, he said.

Ninja Man himself was also criticized for wearing a gladiator sandal on stage, which is a footwear commonly worn by women.

Holding up the sandals in a video, the artist stressed that he won’t stop wearing the expensive footwear since it is a unisex item that was being worn by men since ancient times; and was even more prominent among the prophets and Jesus himself.

Better known as Jamaica’s gun-toting bad boy, and a major staple on the dancehall and stage show scene for decades, many of his anti-gay and tug-life fans who loved his bad boy image are said to be in a state of shock at his seemingly reversed position regarding gay people.

However, the artist says that he is now over fifty years old, and cannot continue to maintain the mentality of a little boy, when the world is moving in a different direction.

He says that he has now dumped the bad-boy image, and is focused on supporting a number of charitable causes in his community, and Jamaica as a whole.