A gang of ruthless bandits who descended on an Ankerville, Port Mourant home last evening, showed no mercy to a grandmother and her two grandchildren who had no other choice than to plead with the gun-toting men to spare their lives.

According to 67-year-old Kunjibehari, a pensioner, she was at home relaxing at about 7pm last night with her grandchildren when two medium built individuals forcefully made their way into her home, and immediately screwed out the light bulbs of the outer compartment, thus plunging a section of the home into darkness.

With no light in place, the men then pounced upon the family and pointed a gun at the senior citizen before beating her in the head.

Her two weeping grandchildren, who happen to be a 13-year-old boy and an adolescent girl were forced to sit helplessly with their hands in the air, as the men terrorized the old woman while repeatedly telling her “we come fuh de money and gold. Tell we way it deh.

But even though the men collected US$600, along with G$3,000, which the old woman said was her life savings, the bandits still were not satisfied.

Trying to further intimidate the pensioner, the men then threatened to kidnap her grandson, but the old woman pleaded with the men not to do so; while imploring them to search her home and take whatever else they wanted.

She also begged the intruders to spare their lives while insisting that the money that they took was all that she had.

The men then proceeded to ransack the house, but found nothing else of value, except a small tablet computer which they took.

They then quickly made good their escape through an adjoining gate.

No one has been arrested so far in connection with the incident.