Ms. Noorbeen Khan, a seventy-two-year-old pensioner who did not realize that her house was on fire until neighbours alerted her, says that she is still grateful for life as she weeps over the loss of her Corentyne home and belongings as a result of the said fire.

According to neighbours, sometime around 12:00 hrs today, they were alerted by a loud boom sound which came from within the pensioner’s home. And upon checking, they realized that the woman’s house was on fire.

Ironically, Ms. Khan, who lived alone was rocking away in a hammock below her house, and only realized that her house was on fire as a result of the loud and concerted screams of her neighbours.

She immediately rushed out of her yard only to see her house being engulfed in flames.

Residents who had quickly formed a bucket brigade in an attempt to put out the fire, were subsequently stopped by firemen who arrived on the scene during the heroic community effort.

Station Officer attached to the B Division Fire station Clive McDonald, speaking with the Guyana Guardian explained that the station received information which had led them to dispatch fire tenders from the New Amsterdam fire station to an incorrect location at Number 1 Palmyra village in Canje which had no sign of a fire.

He added that further queries were made about the correct location, which resulted in tenders from the Rosehall Corentyne station being dispatched to Ms. Khan’s house, which was already lost to the inferno.

However, residents believed that had the fire service arrived sooner, parts of the house may have been saved.

Khan who is a grandmother to many of the young people in the village and dozens more, says she now has no idea what her next move will but is trusting that God will provide for her and for the persons that she assist with meals and other services.

“These things happen. It is in God’s hands”, a teary-eyed Khan muttered while being consoled by friends and family today.

A relative of Khan, Gladwyn Abdulla has since explained that the elderly woman is hoping that the public and the government can pitch in and render some assistance.

Persons wishing to assist in any way can contact Mr. Abdulla on 5926041209

This is the second fire to hit Corentyne Berbice within the past three days.

On Tuesday, March 13th, 2018, a fire at High Reef Albion left several persons homeless including a pregnant mother.

Even on that occasion, the response from the Guyana Fire Service was poor

Residents has since reiterated that something has to be done about this perceived lack of negligence by the Berbice unit of the Fire Service