Georgetown, Guyana; – The new logo that was unveiled by local telecommunications giant GTT in September 2015 has recently been placed in the spotlight by copyright infringement monitors who had first raised the possibility last week that the logo concept and colour theme of the Guyanese telecommunications service provider seems to be a modified replica of a similar logo that already belongs to another international telecommunications service provider.

A closer check of the monitors’ observations by this publication and the opinion of a respected UK trademark and patent firm has since concurred that there may be a case of copyright infringement by the local telecommunications entity, as it relates to the logo and theme concept.

After all, the logo and theme have long been in used By GTT Communications, its website, and a wide range of promotional material long before the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Since the discovery, Gina Nomellini, an official at Global Telecom & Technology (GTT) which has offices in more than a dozen countries worldwide, and has an online presence at, had told the Guyana Guardian that they have no association with the local telephone company, which is the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, whose web address is at

“GTT Communications has been in operation since 2006 and has utilized its logo since that time. We have no association to GTT Guyana”, she said.

However, Ms. Nomellini could not say how the logo mix up had occurred or what steps, if any, her company intends to take to remedy the issue.

For the past two years alone, several international companies have found themselves before the courts or other tribunals after copyright complaints about the unauthorized use of another company’s logo or theme were filed against them.

In many instances, guilty companies would inadvertently find themselves in those embarrassing situations because their marketing and rebranding ideas would usually come from consultants who simply use Photoshop rebranding templates or logo templates that are on sale online for as little as $5.

However, in various scenarios, these logo templates are sometimes directly or indirectly inspired by an existing original logo design or colour theme of another company.

As a result, many companies have found themselves having to pay millions of dollars to get out of the copyright infringement hot water over the use of these mass market logos and rebranded themes.

Nonetheless, it is unclear whether GTT in Guyana had used the services of a consultant to develop their new logo and theme branding, or whether the design was done in house.

Phone call logs would show that this publication had made numerous attempts to contact the local GTT for a comment, but calls transferred even to the CEO’s office went unanswered.

Emails that were sent since yesterday to a GTT Public Relations address for a Ms. DeAbreau regarding the issue, were also unanswered.