A larger than life-size billboard that was erected by the Guyana and Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) at Turkeyen on the East Coast of Demerara to promote its “improved” internet service have been attracting various forms of criticisms from the public for several months now.

The sign which displays an image of a smiling young-adult resting on a grass patch with a smartphone in his hands, and reads “Goodbye library, hello world”, is said to be psychologically dissuading students from using the library, and by extension ‘is serving as a negative influence to students who are already in an uphill battle with their teachers to avoid total reliance on the internet, which is a widely unregulated digital highway that does not always harbor facts’.

From dozens of roasted social media comments to hundreds of posted calls to remove or alter the script on the sign, the billboard is apparently never short of criticisms.

But in despite of these calls and criticisms, GTT has never made any efforts to amend the sign, or even acknowledge that the text was a possible oversight.

The sign is strategically planted at about thirty yards or so from the eastern side of the University of Guyana main access road on the Turkeyen railway embankment.

It is better viewed by motorist and passengers who are traveling from the East Coast of Demerara, via the said railway embankment road.