By Dennis Adonis

London; – A Guyanese born woman has now emerge as the likely person that would give British Prime Minister Theresa May a run-for-her-money over the Prime Minister’s plans to trigger the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU.

Gina Miller, who has a long history of taking on powerful establishments, has launched an historic legal battle against the Prime Minister, which can more than likely derail Britain’s plans to exit the EU trading bloc next year.

The 51 year old Miller, well known for her Guyanese no-nonsense approach to the rich and powerful over the years, has led Britons to nickname her the “the black-widow spider”.

A business woman herself, a philanthropist and a major contributor to the Margaret Thatcher infirmary at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, Ms. Miller has now become a pain in the butt for pro-Brexit campaigners who are accusing her of derailing British sovereignty.

But for the millions of other Britons who supports EU unity and the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who will be directly affected by Brexit, Ms. Miller is seen as a heroine.

They are the ones that are hoping that her challenge to the British Prime Minister would somehow hold up in court.

Earlier this year a referendum in the UK saw just over 51% of Britons choosing to leave the European Union. But many have argued that the margin was too small for Britain to act on the results.

But the British government had argued that even by such a narrow margin, it still remains the will of the majority, and as such, their will must be done.

However since Brexit would also mean limitations on job opportunities for Britons in the EU, Britain is already starting processes aimed at protecting the job market in order to provide jobs for themselves at home; – an initiative that can gradually affect the job prospects for millions of immigrants in the UK.

It is for these very reasons, that people like Gina Miller are putting up a fight, since they are of the view that Brexit would do more harm than good for the people of Britain.

Nonetheless, only time can tell whether Ms. Miller had actually made the right choice, over her decision to pick a fight with the British Prime Minister regarding the country’ already motioned processes to leave the EU.

Because in either case, the Prime Minister certainly has no plans to scrap Brexit, and no one is sure whether Britain’s Supreme Court would actually entertain such an historic and economically costly matter to wind its way up to them.